It's A Giveaway... 

One of the fundamental rules of marketing is that you have to spend money to make money – and although this is not strictly true, it is a good rule to follow. Sometimes you just need to think of the cash that will flow in from customers and spend a little to make them come to you. One of the most effective ways of raising awareness of your company is to give away branded items which have your corporate logo on them. 

These items should not be ultra-expensive. After all, you are giving them away and if the customer gets something expensive as a giveaway they tend to decide that they've done pretty well out of the deal and get out of town. At the same time they shouldn't be too cheap. If you want someone to buy items which may cost in the hundreds of dollars, a signed photo of you probably will not swing the deal. However, items like pens, mugs and stationery may well be a little sweetener that makes the customer more amenable to spending their money with you. 

Although this is offline marketing, you can sync it up with your online marketing strategy. Having your website URL on the items you give out is a useful way to make people visit your site. For this reason, another good idea is branded mouse mats. This guarantees that the customer will have your URL in front of them when they are next online, and they are more likely to check out your site to find out more.