Two Heads Are Better Than One 

Working together is a good way of getting things done – this is an accepted fact because, as adept as one person may be at doing certain things, they will always have their weak spots. This is where the second person comes in – and the third, and the fourth and so on as far as you want to go. For marketing purposes, working together with someone else is a pretty good move too. As a business, you will operate in one or more sectors. Other local businesses will work in other sectors. There is the potential for collaboration here. 

The way to work it is as follows. Hypothetically let's say that your company is a sporting goods store. Across the street there is a DVD store with an excellent selection of sporting DVDs. By striking up a working relationship with the DVD store you can both gain more custom. You, the sporting goods guru, can strike up conversations with people who are buying tennis gear and mention that the store across the street has a DVD of the 10 Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time, featuring players like McEnroe, Sampras, Borg, Laver, Nadal and Federer. 

Similarly, when people come into the store across the street and rent or buy a DVD of Great NFL matches, the staff working there can strike up a chat by asking who the customer likes. If the customer replies “the Miami Dolphins”, the video store staff can casually mention that you are selling vintage Dan Marino shirts at half price. This way, both stores get the benefit of more customers.