Accidental Marketing – On Purpose 

Sometimes the dumbest, simplest ideas can be the ones which make you more money than you'd imagined. People go to great lengths and expense to get their company name in the public eye – on TV, in the papers and on the radio. Yet sometimes you will get customers almost by accident. If you can help create such an accident, then you may just get yourself a few customers that way. 

Now, this does not mean that you should get yourself run over by a car. Instead, you should look at ways of getting your company name and details into people's sight without making it an obvious marketing ploy. If someone sees a poster on a wall, they will know that it is an advertisement and be ready to walk on by. If they sit down at a table in a cafe however, and notice that someone has left behind a business card or a flyer, they will be caught off guard. 

It is a good idea to leave marketing materials in places where they will be seen by someone who might become a customer. If you are the manager of a music shop, for example, leaving a few flyers in a club where people congregate to listen and dance to music is a sensible move. If you run a delicatessen, then accidentally leaving a flyer in the lobby of a gym might get you some lunch trade. The key behind accidental marketing is to be subtle. If you walk in, place down a flyer and walk out again, then it will be noticed and probably discarded.