Word Of Mouth – Simple, Yet Effective. 

Anyone who wants to make a success of their business will spend some time thinking of sound marketing strategies. They can easily tie themselves in knots trying to come up with innovative new  ideas – but sometimes the best way of promoting your business is by word of mouth. It's been around for as long as we have been able to talk, and it still works to this day.  

Generating word of mouth may not be so easy – telling people that the company you run is great isn't really up there with the genius marketing strategies of our time. However, you can ensure that people give your business a good review by providing excellent customer service. The truth is that genuinely good customer service is quite rare these days and people are more likely to comment on it than on bad or indifferent service. 

Let people know that you are a business that won't let them down, one that goes above and beyond the call of duty to do the job well, and they will mention you in passing. One of the biggest-selling books of this century so far is The Da Vinci Code. The critics didn't think much of it, and it didn't get much of a push in bookstores. But after a few months it was selling like hot cakes because people were enjoying it and telling their friends. That kind of success cannot be planned or paid for – but you can make it more likely if you practice good customer service.