Ebay Listing Instructions

To list 'Aspergers Answers Revealed' on eBay, please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1:   Upload the images folder to your webserver*. I recommend you put the images folder inside a folder called AAR to avoid confusion with any other images you have installed.

*If you do not have a website where you can host the pictures, please contact me and I will host the images for you.

STEP 2:   Change the URL's in the html code below to match the domain your images folder is installed on.
The quickest way to do this is to press Ctrl+F and search for the phrase 'YourDomain' (without the quotes).

So for example if you have the images folder installed at http://www.abcdef.com then simply replace http://www.YourDomain.com with http://www.abcdef.com . There are several places where you will need to change this. In the code below I assume you have your images folder inside a folder called AAR as mentioned in STEP 1.

STEP 3:  Copy and paste all the html code below (including your url changes) into your ebay listing or Turbo Lister.

That's it...you're done!