Social Traffic Rush
Facebook Traffic Rush
Why use Facebook
King of social media
Over 2 billion users per month
How to use Facebook 
Organic posts
Facebook Ads
Twitter Traffic Rush 
Why use Twitter
12th most visited website
Over 100 million users per month
How to use Twitter
Set up an awesome profile
Engage with influencers
YouTube Traffic Rush   
Why use YouTube
Top 2 website in the world
Over 1 billion users log in per month
How to use YouTube
Do keyword research
Ask audience to subscribe, comment, share
Instagram Traffic Rush   
Why use Instagram
3rd biggest social platform
Over 800 million users per month
How to use Instagram
Set up free business profile
Use hashtags to get discovered
Medium Traffic Rush   
Why use Medium
Over 60 million active users
Get discovered by big publishers
How to use Medium    
Post valuable content
Submit posts to popular publications
Reddit Traffic Rush   
Why use Reddit
6th most popular website
Over 330 million active users
How to use Reddit
Solve people’s problems
Give plenty of value to community
Quora Traffic Rush   
Why use Quora
Over 100 million visitors per month
Major source of evergreen traffic
How to use Quora
Answer questions that fall in your expertise
Make it a habit to help people
Pinterest Traffic Rush   
Why use Pinterest
79th most visited site in the world
More than 200 million visitors/month
How to use Pinterest
Pin images from your site
Make your images stand out
LinkedIn Traffic Rush   
Why use LinkedIn
Top social network for professionals
Helps improve your site’s SEO
How to use LinkedIn 
Set up great profile
Join relevant groups
SlideShare Traffic Rush   
Why use SlideShare
Over 80 million visitors per month
Content is indexed on Google
How to use SlideShare
Design beautiful slides
Add call to action
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