Bounce Back
Why Do People Fail? 
Fear of criticism and rejection 
Lack of ambition and enthusiasm
Lack of self-discipline
Abundance of self-doubt
Lack of motivation and inspiration
Signs You’re Afraid Of Failing   
Stays in comfort zone 
You procrastinate
Stuck in preparation mode
Bouts of anxiety
Easy to distract
Keep goals to yourself
Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes
You can learn from mistakes
Encourages you to explore
Makes you stronger, more confident
Brings you closer to success 
You’ve Failed Before – So What?
Stop looking backwards
Focus on the present 
Take first steps towards success
Choose to succeed
Start acting like you’ll succeed
How To Make Peace With Failure
Accept things that aren’t working
Evaluate your actions
Weigh your options carefully
Think of failure as opportunity cost
Learn to embrace failure
Are You Giving Up Too Soon?
Difficult to stick to idea
Doesn’t compromise or adjust
Compare yourself to others
Don’t believe in yourself
Differences Between Average And Successful People 
Successful people thrive on rejection
Successful people never lose hope
Successful people take risks
Successful people never stop learning
Successful people take action
Why You Need To Take Risks To Succeed
Taking risks give you purpose
You find new opportunities
Shows great self-confidence
Help overcome fear of failure
Difficult to achieve anything without it
Important Lessons From Failure
Failure isn’t forever
Never stop trying
Changing directions is okay
Opportunity to start anew
Get up when you fall down
Not everything is about you
Shape Your Mindset For Success
Have a growth mindset and dream big
Focus on your goals
Focus on your goals
Build new positive habits
Learn from mistakes
Do away with negative thoughts
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