Entrepreneurial Drive
Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset 
The spirit of an entrepreneur body
Nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit
Traits of an Entrepreneur
Tolerance of ambiguity
What is Grit?
Bravery and courage 
Endurance and setting long-term goals 
Why Developing Grit is Important to Become Successful 
It is important for survival 
It helps you emerge victoriously
It enables you to pursue your dreams
It unleashes your optimism, confidence, and creative power 
Habits of Gritty People
Always show you’re in complete control
Don’t stress over things you can’t control
Never criticize or complain 
Be conscious of your blessings 
Celebrate the success of those around you 
Find Your Passion
Make a list of the things you love 
Take a trip down memory lane 
Seek out people you want to imitate
Develop a creativity board
Don’t focus on money
Face Your Fears
Welcome and embrace fear
Get comfortable with fear
Start Small
Keep Practicing 
Don’t Dwell on Scarcity
Build Your Perseverance
Learn to stick to your goals
Pursue them even in the midst of challenges and setbacks 
Remove any self-doubt
Keep track of your progress
Keep your emotions in check
Know your Core Values
Become More Resilient and Boost Your Stubbornness 
Keep your mind and body healthy
Keep everything in perspective
Nurture your spirituality
Boost Your Confidence, Optimism, and Creativity 
Tips to Boost your self-confidence 
Tips to Boost your optimism 
Tips for Finding your Creative Side
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