Dominate Your Year
The Importance of Setting Goals
Gives your subconscious mind direction
Empowers you
Improves your self-esteem
Changes your reality
It’s good for your health
You create a better life
Discover What You Really Want 
Avoid drifting through life
Increases chances of reaching your goals
Overcome challenges and obstacles html 
Discover your life’s purpose 
Decide What You Want in Life
Live a life of deep meaning and purpose 
You can change your frustrations and disappointments 
Transform your pain into powerful goals 
You need to be clear about what you want
Create Highly Charged Goals
Set goals that excite and motivate you
Set goals that are meaningful to you
Create goal anchors
Results in highly charged goals
Condense your goals
Establish a Deadline for Your Goals
Regroup your condensed goals
Start with your long-term goals and work backward
Set deadlines for each condensed goal 
Program Your Mind for Success
Change your negative beliefs and thoughts 
Reprogram your subconscious
Rewrite your goals into affirmations
Make your affirmations personal
Create affirmations that are in the present
Learn to control your mind
Plan for Accelerated Success
Create an action plan
Create a mind map for each goal
Take consistent daily action toward your goals 
Be a High Performer 
Plan your daily activities goal
Set aside time daily to work toward your goal 
Win back your time 
Shut off the TV an hour early
Create a daily success planner
Increase your energy and focus 
Create change in your environment
Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs
Don’t let your circumstances define what you can achieve 
Question your beliefs
Overcome your conditioning
Uncover your self-limiting beliefs
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