Membership Site Continuity
A Recurring Income Membership Model
A recurring income membership model is appealing to many Internet marketers because you don’t have to create a new product from scratch every time you need to get more cash.
Membership sites only need to be built once, not every month or few months as new products need to be.
Once the membership site is built. You just need to:
Maintain it.
Update it with quality.
Relevant information over time.
To access the membership site and its contents, customers need to pay a recurring monthly or annual fee.
If they choose to stop paying for access, they lose the contents and/or resources of that site, as they no longer have access to the site.
Different Types of Products To Sell
You can sell a content-based membership site, which is a site that has content focused on a specific topic or industry.
You could have a membership site that is focused on one specific aspect of a topic.
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
You have to make sure you don’t limit the topic too much or you may have trouble trying to keep the membership site updated.
Another Type of Membership Sites.
 Another site, where content are presented in the form of articles and/or blog posts that paying members can use as they see fit, often referred to as private label rights content.
You can create a site, focused around software products that help paying members conduct tasks more easily.
The key to any successful membership site is providing continuous value over a long period of time. 
You must know your target market’s wants and needs. Be able to supply them with tools, resources, and/or content to fill those wants and needs.

Be able to find ways to remedy or solve the challenges/problems in order for paying members to remain members of your site.

Pricing Points And One-Dollar Trials
You must know the target market you are serving.
How much they value the content and/or resources you are providing to them.

What competitors are charging for similar sites with comparable content and/or resources before setting a price.

You must consider whether you will only have one level of access for members or more than one.
Pricing for each membership tier will vary; lowest levels can be as low as free, while the highest levels can be as high as $999.99/month or even more.
Many membership sites will provide several pricing options for members to choose from for some to all membership levels. 
Bi- Annually
You must ensure that a monthly subscription costs less than an annual subscription in the short-term, but more over the course of a year so that the annual option is the better value.
Monthly subscription costings $20/mth x 12 = $240/yr vs an annual subscription costing $200/yr.
You must know your target market’s needs and wants. How willing they are to pay for resources, content, and/or benefits that will help to alleviate the challenges and problems they face in their industry.
To encourage more people to join their membership sites.
Many Internet marketers will provide a trial offer where people can pay a very small amount (usually $1) to access the membership site for a specified period of time (anywhere from 3 to 7 days).
The person can check out the membership site and see what it has to offer and see how much value and use it will be for the person.
Membership Site Platforms and Plug-ins
Membership platforms such as aMember, Wishlist Member, and DigitalAccessPass can help you to build and maintain your membership site.
WordPress plugins such as MemberPress, Cart66, and WP eMember can help you to build and maintain a membership site if you are using a WordPress site for the membership site.
Features you should consider and look for in any platform or plugin you choose. Includes:
Limiting access to members who have not paid for it.
“Dripping” your content over a period of time for members.
Enabling you to use coupons so members can get discounts, selling products, pausing and resuming memberships, and new content notifications.
How To Simplify The End User Exprience
In order for the members of your membership site to get the most value from your site, it has to be easy for them to use.
You want to focus on features that will make the site useful and valuable for your members.
You also want to ensure that your chosen membership platform or plugin restricts access to members who are not supposed to have access to specific areas and content/resources.
Be sure you test the platform or plug-in thoroughly and familiarize yourself with its features before you promote and sell access to your membership site.
Get New Members To Join While Focusing on Retention
You must work to strike the proper balance between the retention of current membership site members while working on getting new people to join the membership site.
To grow your business, your reputation, and your recurring income stream(s), you have to work on acquiring new members to your site.
Do everything you can to keep your current members happy and willing to pay you, as you have already established a relationship with them.
NEVER ignore or overlook your current membership site members and justify it by putting your effort into acquiring new members, as you will never increase your recurring income that way.
Consider splitting your work time evenly or slightly in favor of your current members.
Also consider outsourcing some of the research and content and/or resource development to outsourcers while you work to acquire new members.
Also consider using outsourcers to provide quality customer support to current members.
General Maintenance And Customer Support
It is key that you provide continuous value to your current membership site members or they will likely cancel their memberships.
Good maintenance of your site means that all sections of your site are functioning properly.
Members can easily access the sections they are supposed to be able to access. 
Can download the files they are supposed to be able to download.
Play the audio and video trainings they are supposed to be able to play.
If you need to shut down access to the site for maintenance purposes, be sure to send out an email, instant message, social media post, and/or audio/video message.
Excellent customer service means that members should get immediate replies to their questions and/or concerns.

Members should be able to reach you via any or all of support email address,

contact form within the membership site, support desk platform, social media profiles, Skype, Facebook Live, etc.

If a member has a question or issue, that question or issue must be resolved quickly (within an hour or less if possible).
Be sure prospects interested in joining your site but haven’t yet also have a way to contact you as well, possibly at a different email address, social media profile.
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