Fool Proof Traffic System
Zero Traffic Equals Zero Sales
You need to make sure you get traffic to your offers, or you will have no sales
That traffic needs to be quality traffic, the target market/audience that will be interested in your offers.

Free vs Paid Traffic

Free traffic is free in money, but takes time to work
Paid traffic works quicker to get subscribers and customers
Many Internet marketers start with free traffic methods first to get their businesses established
It’s wise to just focus on mastering one paid traffic method before using any other paid traffic methods
On-Site and Off-Site SEO
Put good quality content on your site and use targeted keywords in your meta tags (i.e. HTML code) to increase your on-site SEO
Be sure none of your site’s links are broken, your pages display properly on mobile devices, and no large pop-up windows obscure the content
Off-site SEO involves links away from your site that point back to your site- these can be links from social media websites and more
Guest Post Blogging
Use search engines to find sites and blogs in your industry, see if they accept guest posts
YouTube Videos
When you upload videos to YouTube and other social video sites (Vimeo, etc.), be sure to include links back to your website
Content Marketing
Provide informative, engaging content to help your target market/audience with any problems or issues
Such content will help people realize that you are an expert who knows his/her field, can be trusted
When people realize that you provide such good-quality content for free, they will use your link to head back to your website
Use opt-in forms on your site/blog to capture these people’s contact details so you can follow up with them
Use surveys, search engine research, and blog/article idea generators to help you come up with interesting topics to write
Viral Marketing
Any viral marketing of your quality content can lead to increased views of your site, offer, list, etc.
You can increase the chances of viral marketing by including social media share buttons on your blog pages, site pages, video sites, and elsewhere
Initially, viral marketing involved ebooks with affiliate links spread around- consider using this tactic
Note that it’s not just text that can be shared, but also ebooks, photos, videos, audio, memes, and GIFs
Social Media Marketing   
Have social media profile pages on each social network (and Fanpages on Facebook), post content regularly.
Posting offers left and right on these social media pages will not increase sales
You need to be selective in the offers you present on your social media pages, providing much more useful content than offers.
It’s important to be on as many social media channels as possible.
Consider using social media management software such as HootSuite, Buffer, or BleuPagePro to help manage your social media accounts.
Forum Marketing
Find relevant forums to your niche using the search engines
Join these forums and provide useful information to the members there
You’ll be able to include a signature file that includes a link back to your site.
Posting offers is usually not allowed (except in select areas of certain forums, like the Warrior Forum
PPC Advertising
Other options include Bing, Yahoo, as well as social media platforms like Facebook.
The most prominent platform is Google AdWords- it’s usually the priciest in terms of bids as well.
You only pay when a user clicks onto your link; you can also set the maximum amount you will spend per day.
This involves finding the right keywords to target and bidding on them so your link and description appear in the “Sponsored Posts” section
Facebook Advertising
You can set the maximum amount you will spend per day or over the lifetime of an ad.
You decide on the goal- Clickthroughs, Likes, etc.- in the Ads Manager
Similar to Google AdWords, you can bid on specific keywords.
Use the Ads Manager to determine what target audience you wish to reach and the time of day
Solo Advertising
Ask for feedback from the owner on how other companies’ advertisements worked for them
All others that pass, email or call the owner, tell him/her you have an ad that will resonate with their readers.
Use the search engines to find ezines that are relevant to your niche
Look at their websites to see if they are professional-looking; if not, don’t consider advertising with them.
Google Analytics
You can set Google Analytics to measure such actions as sign-ups to your list
Google Analytics measures specific actions and goals you set in the account dashboard by installing tracking code into your site, blog, WordPress
You must have signed up for a Google Account to use it
Google Analytics is a great free way to measure the amount of traffic and quality of traffic your website is receiving.
List Building/Email Marketing
Engagement and relationships especially critical with the younger generations 
Use opt-in email forms on your site and blog, direct people to join your list in your forum marketing
Focus on the long-term engagement and relationship, not the one-time sale 
Takes an average seven views for a person to purchase an offer online- follow-up through email marketing is a must.
Money is in the list- work to build your list at all times.
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