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Navigating The Paleo Diet

For all those years that we ate Paleo, humans were hunters and
gathers. They ate meat and they ate fruits such as berries when
they were in season. Which also meant they moved a lot and
were very active. They needed to be strong and fit in order to
survive. Their bodies were conditioned to efficiently use fat as
fuel and energy, not carbohydrates.

Eventually agriculture came into being and the human diet
changed dramatically.

The Agricultural Revolution occurred about 10,000 years ago and
introduced grains, such as wheat, and breads into our diet.

Today's modern diet contains things like significant quantities of
gluten. Gluten was non-existent in Paleolithic times. Things like
wheat, rye, many cereals and barley, contain gluten. Gluten has
been recognized to cause inflammation in the gut and has been
given widespread attention through celebrities like Kelly Ripa,
who have famously gone gluten-free.


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