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Navigating The Paleo Diet
ten-percent of that income on food. But we’re certainly not eating
less- we’re eating more, unhealthier, cheaper foods.

 But perhaps we are finally seeing a turning point. The last three
 quarters, McDonalds has seen a global decline of about 3.3% in

      sales, perhaps indicative of less consumption of fast food.

With media covering the obesity epidemic and health and quality
of life plummeting, some people are starting to see the light.
Documentaries such as Fed Up are exposing food manufacturers
concerns that lie only with profits and not health, and how added
sugar is in over 80% of supermarket foods.

We may be a long ways off from getting back to “the good old
days” where dinner was made from whatever was in the garden
and processed foods were nearly unheard of. But the best we can
do is inform ourselves on why healthy choices are the best for
long-term health and quality of life.


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