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Navigating The Paleo Diet

Type 2 diabetes has been on the rise due to poor lifestyle choices,
such as too much unhealthy food and not enough exercise.
“Globesity,” a term coined by the World Health Organization to
describe the worldwide obesity epidemic, is another problem as
well. These numbers continue to rise as do the associated health
problems and diseases.

As governments and local communities start to feel the impact of
obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. due to poor lifestyle choices,
awareness is increasing.

Cheap, processed foods are so readily available and overwhelm
the shelves in supermarkets. Toss desk-jobs, long drives or
commutes and electronics into the mix, and we do a lot of sitting
around and very little to burn off that processed food.

Americans spent about twenty-five percent of their net income on
food ninety-years ago, according to a study done by RAND on
why Americans are so fat. In the present day, we spend less than


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