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Navigating The Paleo Diet
It's also been theorized (not proven) that gluten could play a role
in an increased risk of some cancers as well as heart disease.

Another ingredient in the modern day diet that is linked to
possible health problems is that of lectins. Lectins are present in
grains. They cause wear and tear on our gastrointestinal tract,
making it very difficult to heal.

Let's not forget sugar. Sugar is everywhere and in everything
nowadays. Sugar needs to be burned but another aspect of
modern times is how sedentary people have become.

Everyone sits. They sit at work, they sit on the couch watching
television, they sit at their computers, they sit checking out social
media and texts on their smart phones. People do not move the
way they used to and so they don't burn calories the way they
used to. This becomes a big problem when talking about sugar

In the Paleolithic period, humans were lean, strong and fit. They
moved, pretty much all day every day. They didn't farm or grow


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