Child Safety Lockdown
Babysitters and keeping your kids safe:
Entrusting a babysitter to watch your children, whether to enable you the ability to work or for an occasional night out, is never easy for a parent.
Bullying and your child
Bullying isn’t a new problem, but it seems that things have been taken to the next level these days.
Bullying occurs not only at school but online, at school functions, and elsewhere.
Child Abuse and Protection
Abuse comes in a variety of forms, none of which you want your child to experience. 
Protecting your child from any of the types of abuse isn’t always easy, since abusers aren’t masked with signs alerting anyone of their dangers.
Even people we know in the media have been accused of heinous acts of abuse against children (i.e. Michael Jackson; Jared, the Subway guy,) causing greater difficulty in detecting abuse. 
Talking About Safety
When it is time to talk to children, parents sometimes find it difficult to choose the words that little ones understand. 
Choosing the proper approach
Leveling with your child effectively
How to stay safe while playing outside
Many dangers lurk beneath the confinement of the front door to the home.
Dangerous insects and creatures, predators, poison, and more worries are unbeknownst to children looking forward to a day of excitement and play in the sun. 
Internet safety
Many parents say that protecting their kids while on the Internet is one of the most difficult aspects of keeping them safe.
We agree that it isn’t always easy to know what your kids are up to in the virtual world; until now.
Household Safety
What kind of dangers lurk around the house?
Many that the eyes can see, as well as those sometimes unimaginable. 
Who is a stranger? Is the police officer a stranger? What about the teachers at school, or the bus driver, or even the postman?
In the eyes of a child, a stranger may not be the same person as you see them to be.
It is important to help your child learn stranger danger information.
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