Success habits
Understand what success is
Know what your definition of success is.
Be able to identify successful habits  
Be able to identity destructive ones and weed them out
Understand how actions become habitual
Learn the psychology behind habit formation
Look at your own habits and figure out how they formed
Use this information to continue developing and changing habits
Research information about habits online and become an expert
Develop strategies for making habits last for your lifetime
Understand what goals actually are
Realize that your goal isn’t a final destination but a stop along the way
Understand that it is the journey that is going to bring you happiness
Create a list of goals
Start with making a list of goals for the next 12 months
Realistic enough to achieve in a 12 month period
Now create your daily habits from the previous list
Try to work on habits that complement each other
Keep it simple and only work on 2-4 at a time
Now create a list of goals for one month based upon your 12-month goals
Can be achieved in a 30 day period  
Can be broken down into habits  
Work on changing your bad habits
Identify habits that are destructive and keeping you from success
Replace the bad habits with good ones
Replace procrastination with scheduling
Replace fast food with great-tasting healthy food
Make your brain see a reward rather than a punishment
Keep the following things in mind:
Overcoming more bad habits makes you a stronger person
Think of a way to make any negative habit a positive one
Be flexible when you are training new habits
Try your best every day
Keep in mind that 30 days is only a guideline
Understand what triggers are and how they affect your habits
Identify between good and bad triggers/habits
Identify negative triggers and replace them with positive ones
Create new positive triggers in order to prompt a good habit
Understand the five main trigger techniques
Scheduling – a trigger that happens at a certain time
Preceding Event – Something that happens that prompts an action
Location – your current location reminding you to perform your habit
Pre-Action State – A state that reminds you to do an action
Friends and Family – Other people that can prompt a behavior
Develop a new mindset
Understand what a mindset is
Identify what your current mindset state is
Work to change your negative mindset into a positive one
Start the journey – 30 days to a new habit or group of habits
Keep it simple – work on just a few habits at a time
Your first five days are going to be extremely difficult
Your remaining 25 days are going to be a little easier but still challenging
Follow the guides in the book to take you through each day
The first few days you build up to completing them
Most days you will perform your habits as well as you can
The last few days you take a couple of days off to evaluate
Beyond 30 Days
Determine your next step
Do a self-evaluation
Overcome obstacles to success
Identify obstacles
Friends & family
Overcome Obstacles
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