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While I have done my very best to make the installation as easy as possible, I get quite a few emails asking me about my installation services. So, while I have EVERY CONFIDENCE you can do it yourself, if you don't have time or feel unsure about doing it right, please find my installation services information below.

:: A - Basic Install ::

1) I create your database(s)
2) I upload the blog(s) and importbuddy.php file
3) I install your blog, make sure all is working, update Wordpress and plugins (if required)
4) I email you an attached .txt (text) file with information on your databases.


1-3 blogs: $20 each
4-7 blogs: $17 each
8-10 blogs: $15 each


:: B - Advanced Install ::

1) I create your database
2) I create an email address of your preference, like I then change the default email on the blogs to your own.
3) I create a forwarding address from your domain email to e.g. your personal email (I do this for all my sites)
4) I upload the blog(s) and importbuddy.php file
5) I install your blog, make sure all is working, update Wordpress and plugins (if required)
6) I swap out your Clickbank hoplinks. You just tell me your Clickbank ID and I'll create the hoplinks for you.
8 ) I add your AdSense code, channel ID, colors to match your site.
9) I email you an attached .txt (text) file with information on your databases, hoplink info, any other pertinent information.


1-3 blogs: $45 each
4-7 blogs: $35 each
8-10 blogs: $25 each

Please note: My time is usually spread quite thin but I will work on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in me installing any of the blogs, please contact me at


Most of you will be using cPanel hosting. If you use hosting from places like GoDaddy, I STRONGLY urge you to consider getting hosting with a company like HostGator or similar that offers cPanel hosting. In my 6 years of being online, especially working with Wordpress, cPanel hosting is by far the easiest to use!

Below you'll find links to affordable and recommended cPanel hosting based on my experience.

  1. HostGator - Highly Recommended! Support is awesome! Get the 1st month free on the "baby plan" for $0.01. Click here then use the discount code plrblogsdiscount to only pay $0.01 for the first month. This is a great deal!
  2. JustHost - Here's a tip: Look at the footer of the site for a link called Secret Link to get a discount on their hosting. ;)
  3. Bluehost - Good cPanel hosting but to get the best deal, you need to pay 1 year up front.
  4. HostATree - This is a small hosting company but I've been using them for over 2 years without complaints!



When it comes to installing these PLR Blogs, you're best option is to use cPanel hosting. You'll save tons of time and frustration but, I also understand some of you use GoDaddy Hosting and don't plan on buying cPanel hosting anytime soon (although I highly recommend it!). So, if you have GoDaddy Hosting, please follow this link as it will lead to a tutorial on how best to install these blogs on GoDaddy -



When it comes to Wordpress (or almost any site for that matter) security is of utmost importance! Hackers know there are millions of Wordpress blogs out there and these PLR Blogs are no less susceptible to being hacked than any other. It's just an unfortunate reality we all must address.

While I have added 2 new security plugins (4 in total now), I recommend you do your due diligence and research the best ways to keep your blogs and server secure. Some folks will be limited in terms of what they can do to their server but we can all make greater efforts to add more security to our blogs through plugins, using a UNIQUE username and password, and so on.

Below are a few links to articles that mention recommended security plugins. I have NO association with the authors of these blog posts but they are worth the read. Also, just because someone recommends a plugin, do your due diligence and check the forum threads relating to those plugins on's forums to make sure any potential plugin you add to your site makes sense.

Recommended Reading:


Recommended Plugins to check out (again, read the forums too):

  1. (seems like a good one!)
  2. (check to see if any malicious looking files have been added to your theme files)

Creating a unique security key that goes inside your wp-config.php file can help:

  1. (just refresh this page to get a new set of keys)

SUPPORT INFORMATION (ticketing system)

If you are having any trouble with any of the blogs, please submit a support ticket at: