1) Below you'll see a set of videos that will help you install and configure the blogs. If this is your first time installing the blogs, I recommend you take your time until you become familiar with each step. It's NOT as hard as you may think!

2) Read the RED TITLE of each video and watch those you feel you may need to watch. You may not be interested in watching EACH video (such as the Sub-Domain video). However, consider watching all the videos until you become familiar with these blogs.

3) Finally, these videos are part of the Blog Setup Tutorials channel on YouTube. You can view the channel here if you like: Please note, on this YouTube Channel, you'll notice some videos that aren't listed below. This is because certain niche blogs require additional/specific videos that may not pertain to the blogs you purchased.

4) You may want to bookmark the YouTube channel above as more videos will be added over time.