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Dear Affiliate Marketer,

The final Harry Potter movie is now in theatres. The hype is "over the top" because this lucrative book and movie series has fascinated over 400 Million people worldwide, according to news service Reuters.com.

The good news for you is that Hollywood has predicted "tens of millions of people" searching the internet to buy Harry Potter items this week and "for years to come."

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With our new Harry Potter Affiliate Website, you're in the perfect position to offer millions of people exactly what they seek ... Harry Potter information and products.

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  • You set up your Harry Potter website
  • You place free or inexpensive ads
  • People visit your Harry Potter site
  • You make money
  • It's completely automated
  • All orders are processed for you
  • You never talk or sell to anyone
  • You even get paid for people clicking links!

Let's face it. It doesn't get much easier than this to fatten your wallet on the internet, does it? But don't take my word for it. Explore the exact same website you'll get...

Harry Potter Affiliate Site Income Screen Shot

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  • You get paid to 15% from Amazon.com for every Harry Potter product sale (and anything else they might buy at Amazon).
  • You get paid to 75% from Clickbank for every sale
  • You get paid 20% from AllPosters.com for every sale 
  • You get paid $20 - $140 from Google for every one hundred ad clicks. You have multiple income opportunities on every page.

  • Easy navigation with top, bottom and left side links. 
  • Clean, pleasant design.
  • All product links takes your visitor to the product with your affiliate ID embedded in the link. 
  • Money-Making AdSense text ads on the top and left side of each page.
  • Clickbank text ads at the bottom of each page
  • RSS Headlines Feed displays regularly updated news automatically to please the search engines and your visitors
  • Social Bookmarking on every page for your visitors to refer your website to their sphere of influence.
  • Free Quick Marketing Guide
  • All Harry Potter pictures and likeness are fully licensed by the Merchants and/or their Vendors

You Get...
  • Zipped PHP, PDF and graphics files for entire website by download only
  • Free Quick Marketing Guide
  • Free Installation Guide, we can install for you (see guide)
  • Easy Install - change affiliate ID's & upload files... That's it!
  • Master Resell Rights (License Summary)...

    [YES] Includes Transferrable Master Resell Rights
    [YES] Sell on auction sites, marketplaces, anywhere
    [YES] Include In Paid Membership Sites
    [NO] Include As A Bonus To Paid Product
    [NO] Give Away for Free

Minimum Requirements
  • Unzipping software and know how to use it
  • Web hosting account for PHP 4-5
  • No database required
  • Ability to edit config file using NotePad or text editor
  • Experience uploading files via FTP or web-based

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Only $27