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"Powerful Product Brainstorming Methods That
Will Allow You To Generate 7 New Profitable
Product Plans Every Single Day Of TheWeek
Without Fail - Anywhere & Anytime You Want!"

From: James Jackson
Time: 9:43 a.m.

If you've ever wanted to get a little sneaky peak at how someone else's online business works for once, even if it's to see if you're doing things in the right way, now's your chance. Here's what I did last week and what this means for you. Watch closely though, blink and you'll miss the point.

Bear in mind at least half of my time is spent on the more creative side of online business, who knows why, I just like that bit the best. So here I am at 2pm browsing around other marketers sites to check out what's hot and what's not (as you do) and bam, out of the blue a brand new product idea hits me. Here's the kicker..

Ok fast forward 60 minutes. From the blank piece of paper sitting in front of me, and that one single idea I had an hour ago, I've mapped out and planned four separate products ranging from free through to $900 price tags that I know for sure will sell, I'm writing two of them at the same time, recording another and my programmer has been briefed about the fourth ready to get building. There's more though...

"I Do This At Least Twice
A Week Out Of The Blue!"

Just think, what could you do with four new product ideas twice a week that only take you an hour to conceive and start building? I'll assume if we're on the same wavelength here that you'd see a big fountain of cash flowing right into you lap.

This isn't something that came naturally.

This isn't something that I was born with.

This is a method that I've learned and honed over nearly seven years of product creation in the online world, whether those products are for myself, or being created for someone else, it's a great feeling to be able to pull this off. I'll show you exactly how I've been leaving my competitors in the dust with this method, and hey, best of all from my experiments on other people (ethical ones, I promise) they can learn and start using this method in 40 minutes flat.

"My Bet Is That You Can Do This To
I Know You Have What It Takes!..."

  • Learn how to tap into a constant flow of ideas that will never leave you wondering what you can sell next using four simple methods that each should take no longer than 7 minutes to grasp.
  • Discover why your ideas are being stolen as you read this, and how to stop this from happening straight away, before everyone else gets rich from your ideas.

  • Listen in as I show you exactly how I come up with no less than 5 new viable product ideas every 7 days. I'll show you how can emulate this method quickly, and easily.

  • Gain the power of hindsight along with the ability to differentiate between the good and the bad of your many ideas. It's easy to know how much money there is to be made in an idea when you know where to look. No beating around the bush, no dodgy untested theories, I'll show you the top 4 proven ways to do this.

  • I'll show you how to mix with your target market in such a way that you'll be receiving new ideas for products from other people without having to do any of the brainwork yourself that others struggle with on a daily basis.

  • I won't be leaving you to do this on your own. Oh no, in fact, I'm going to do this with you, showing you how this idea generation method isn't just a theory, but it works in the real world and is in use, churning out scores of new products per year for many online and offline business owners.

  • Originality is the key. There's too much same old same old nowadays, if you want to make sales, you have to be original. I'm going to reveal to you 4 separate techniques that allow you to create products in such a way, that your target market won't be able to resist you, simply because no one else will be doing what you are.

  • Success is about evaluating your products and presentation before you even start to sell. The high earners know how to do this already, the ones failing to make sales don't even know that the very product they're trying to sell is the problem, and probably never will. Through a simple product evaluation technique to be used on your ideas, we'll make sure that you're not one of the latter.

  • It's a little known fact that evaluating the potential of your product is very different to analyzing it's viability inside a specific market. Just because you have a good product, it doesn't mean it's going to make you the most money by selling to the most obvious group of people. We'll show you exactly how you can figure out for yourself where to make the most money out of your ideas.

  • Avoid the number 1 downfall of online business people trying to create products of any sort. It happens in a flash, it's an unconscious product of the human brain that most don't even know that they're doing, but they are, and it's wreaking havoc on their product creation and idea generation processes. It's easily avoidable however, and with just 60 seconds of practice every day for a week using my methods, you can break out of it for a lifetime, ahead of all the other marketers out there.

  • Did you know that simply by altering your presentation you can create up to five products out of a single one of your ideas, without recycling content over and over again? What's more, this process takes just a minute or two. How valuable would it be for you to wake up one morning, and by the time you go to bed at night have five products ready to be developed, launched and profited from? I'll show you how I'm doing this every single time I turn my computer on.

  • I'm going to give you real life examples of how businesses flourish simply by targeting their products at different markets. While everyone is out there hammering the same people for the same products, I'm going to show you how to take a new approach, to sneak in the back door and start making sales where no one thought it possible. (There's some major information here. Profitable niche markets for products are being snapped up as we speak)

  • How your friends, family and work colleagues create products for you. They do it every day, all you have to do is to be able to spot it and take action before somebody else beats you to it. I'll show you how.

  • Are you committing business suicide by selecting the wrong products to create? I'll demonstrate to you through a short five step checklist that you can see how your business and your product are going to perform before you've even finished conceiving the idea. Get this wrong, and your business could be headed for disaster.

  • 5 factors that will determine the success of your business. If you're creating a product and any one of these exists, you're in for big problems later down the line. A simple formula for avoiding the pitfalls is laid before you to stop you wasting your precious time and hard earned cash.

As an added bonus....

In addition to the above...

  • I'm going to show you how to bring your products to life through information products that people actually read. Did you know that the majority of people won't actually read your stuff? Even if they paid for it. That's a scary thought. What about all that marketing information you're putting out? We'll immediately address how to actually get people to read and take action on your words through your own products.


  • I'm going to show you exactly what to look for in re-sale products if you want to be a success in this field with some very important points that will immediately tell you whether or not you have the potential to be a success. It's time to stop wasting your money on shoddy products, and get the real deal every time.

Plus you'll get...

Bonus Product With Master Resell Rights Included...

'Honey! Have you seen that one note I wrote
that one idea on? I put it right here on my desk
but it'snot here anymore! I know the thing
didn't just upand walk off on its own.'

This Common Scenario Easily Results In
Wasted Time, & Plenty of Frustration!

So how are you keeping track of your notes and ideas? Do you write them down on a piece of paper? What happens to them from there?


This Script Is Perfect If You Want To Quickly Jot
Down Ideas But Don't Want To Lose Them
Somewhere Inside Your House!

Just think about it! There are a million and one ways to lose any old scrap of paper laying around at home. Culprits include

  • Your spouse mistaking your little slip of paper as trash.
  • Your children snagging the paper and either destroying or misplacing it.
  • Note-hiding accumulations of mail, papers and all other sorts of odds and ends laying around on counters and desks.
  • Frisky pets commandeering a new plaything.

You get the idea.

With Idea Bucket, on the other hand, you won't have to worry about any of these issues. You simply type your idea or note and click the 'Add my idea!' button.

To give you a better idea of how simple but useful the script is, you'll find shots of the web interface below.

Although the Admin Panel is really basic,
future upgrades will add many more features
while keeping the script easy to use!

Adding an idea (below) simply couldn't be easier!

This is what your Idea Vault will look like:

Plus you'll get...

Bonus Product With Master Resell Rights Included...
112 Minutes Of Exclusive Coaching Videos

"Discover How To Quickly & Easily
Find Subjects That People Are Desperate
To Read About, To Help You Make BIG
Profits Outside Of The Hugely Crowded
'Internet Marketing' Arena!"



In "How To Discover Hugely Profitable Product Ideas" you get a total of just under two hours of exclusive coaching videos ... revealing exactly the tactics I use to find what's selling online by the bucketload.

(I've actually used these techniques myself and am in the process of creating a product for a very lucrative market that has nothing at all to do with marketing.)

This coaching comes in the form of 8 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here:

Video 1 (10 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover products making tens of thousands of dollars in profits every month (and these have absolutely NOTHING to do with marketing).

Discover what people are really spending their money on, online.

Video 2 (25 Minutes)


Here you'll discover a simple but very powerful tactic that will instantly reveal to you exactly what subjects are very popular at the moment.

Video 3 (9 Minutes)


In this video you'll discover a few subject matters that people can't buy enough of!

Video 4 (10 Minutes)


Here you'll discover how to really understand the mountains of data Alexa gives you, and how you can turn Alexa statistics into very useful and profitable information for your online business.

Video 5 (17 Minutes)


In this video I'll go even more in depth into how to use Alexa as an online detective tool (few people know these advanced tactics).

Video 6 (8 Minutes)

Here you'll discover a quick and easy way to mine a mountain of incredibly valuable information on popular products and subjects.

Video 7 (25 Minutes)

In this video I reveal the huge amounts of information Amazon and eBay are giving away that most people completely overlook.

Video 8 (8 Minutes)

Here you'll discover how to become an expert in a new subject in two months or less.

(This tactic is exactly what I'm doing right now to create a product for a market I've never sold to before, and I'm very excited about it's potential.)

"Your 100% 'The Risk Is All
Mine Money Back Guarantee"

You might well be wondering: what if it doesn't work for my business? What if I already know all of this? What if I'm not 100% happy with the course and it's another poor excuse to make a quick buck out of me?

Here's my answer. If you take this course away and give it a shot, and find for any reason you are not satisfied that the results push you towards a very profitable future indeed, fire me an e-mail and show me you've put the information into action, and if it really doesn't work for you (I've not found a business that it doesn't work for to date) I'm going to send your money right back to you, plus you get to keep your whole download package free of charge to say thanks for giving it a try. The risk is all mine.

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Wishing You Success
James Jackson

P.S. Everything you're about to read is tried and tested material. This will apply to your business not just once, but for many years to come. It's an investment not just for today, but far into the future.

PPS. Remember, this is 100% risk free. If for any reason you don't believe that you got your moneys worth, just contact me, show me how you put these techniques into action, and we'll give you a full refund. That's how confident I are that this really does work.

PPPS. Still not convinced this is for you? Well, it is your choice of course, but if you do go ahead and grab your download you could well be one of these people in a few short weeks.

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Ideas System Now For Just- $27
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