'Honey! Have you seen that one note I wrote that one idea on? I put it right here on my desk but it's not here anymore! I know the thing didn't just up and walk off on its own.'

Sound Familiar? This Common Scenario Easily Results in Wasted Time, Plenty of Frustration!

So, honestly, how are you keeping track of your notes and ideas? Do you write them down on a piece of paper? What happens to them from there?


Dear Marketer,

The day of storing notes down on scraps of paper are gone! Unless, of course, you don't mind those rugrats of yours with sticky fingers snagging and hiding them. It's okay, of course, if you don't mind losing ideas that could be money in the bank if acted upon.

Let's stop right there.

It's not okay. There's a better way to keep up with your notes and ideas!

Introducing Idea Bucket!

While a simple script, Idea Bucket makes it quick and easy to store your notes and ideas! All of your ideas are listed in an idea gallery which is password-protected. Only the admin user may add, delete and view ideas.

Installation is a snap! Even if you've never installed a script before, installing Idea Bucket is quick and easy!

In its infancy, Idea Bucket has many exciting features planned including a search utility, html area editor, comment posting, and the ability to toggle ideas up and down the screen in the idea gallery.

This Script Is Perfect If You Want To Quickly Jot Down Ideas But Don't Want To Lose Them Somewhere Inside Your House!

Just think about it! There are a million and one ways to lose any old scrap of paper laying around at home. Culprits include

  • Your spouse mistaking your little slip of paper as trash.
  • Your children snagging the paper and either destroying or misplacing it.
  • Note-hiding accumulations of mail, papers and all other sorts of odds and ends laying around on counters and desks.
  • Frisky pets commandeering a new plaything.

You get the idea.

With Idea Bucket, on the other hand, you won't have to worry about any of these issues. You simply type your idea or note and click the 'Add my idea!' button.

To give you a better idea of how simple but useful the script is, you'll find shots of the web interface below.

Although the Admin Panel is really basic, future upgrades will add many more features while keeping the script easy to use!

Adding an idea (below) simply couldn't be easier!

This is what your Idea Vault will look like:

You've seen what the Idea Bucket looks like. You know what it can do. And most of all, you know how much time and annoyance it can save you from.

You can get this unique, frustration-saving script for only $$PRICE!

Order Your Copy Today!


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