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Dear Savvy Marketer,

If you want to get more sales every day, but don't want to slave away your time to earn it, then what I'm about to share will make you rich.

You may know by now that millions of dollars exchange hands on the internet every day - even during the recession. Information marketers make a killing online because they keep nearly 100% of profits selling directly to the consumers. Yet, they pay almost nothing for overhead and only a percentage of sales to affiliates.
Yet, if that is true, why do you have a hard time selling your own digital products?

You create a product… write a sales page… push some traffic… and you get…

2 sales?!

Does it look to you that the only real way to make big profits with information products is to sell "how to make money" information or to become a Guru?

Well, I got news for you!

If you considered abandoning your niche market to enter a new one, then you might be choking the goose before it lays your golden eggs. You're probably very close to success and missing just one key ingredient. It took me years to discover this, but if you use this, you might be able to make a fortune in your niche market and retire a wealthy person.


"The Secret To Manufacturing Deep Desire Which Compels Your Customers To Pay A King's Ransom!"

It's a known fact that you must sell information which people really want. But what you might not know is this desire can be manufactured in just about any niche market, regardless of how small or big the market is.
But here's the caveat…

"You can't just sell any kind of information, you have to sell SECRETS!"

Human beings have an insatiable desire for information that is unknown, hidden, even stolen from them. Once you associate those secrets to your products, you own the unfair selling advantage because your customers will always fall victim to wanting something they could not have.

Now if you're still reading, you are one of the 10% who really understands the potential of the information above. Most people never get it, but the few who do understand this key insight have the power to print money.

"Here's Proof!"

  • Victor Schwab, the famous veteren copywriter of the early 20th century, made a list of profitable headlines before he died. Out of 100 of his best headlines, 41 of them implied "hidden information" which the common reader knows nothing about. Victor Schwab was known to sell millions of copies of Dale Carnegie's "How To Win Friends And Influence People" and made it a best seller in 1930.

  • In 2006, the movie "The Secret" started a global phenomenon. The book sold 4 million copies and almost 2 million DVDs of the film by the same name. Not only has it become a huge hit in the self-help industry, revitalized the New Thought metaphysical industry, but it has also been referred to as most successful viral marketing case study of all time.

There are many other examples that I can quote but I believe you got the idea. You can make a killing just like the people above by repositioning your product and selling it as a secret.

Here's the bad news though…

It's not enough these days to just call your product a "secret" to make money. If it was that easy, everyone would sell a product by abusing the word. Done incorrectly, it can even create confusion. You can't yell "Secret" throughout your sales copy just like you can't say "Limited Time Offer" when you still have 6 months to sell the goods. People will feel your product is full of hype and think it's full of empty promises.

But there's another way to add "the secret sauce" using a more covert and subtle approach. In fact, almost no one recognize this tactic being used on them until they made a commitment to buy.

And the best part is…

Not only am I going to teach you how to sell your information products… but after you read this page, you'll know how to use this to snatch your prospect's attention, reduce refund rates, increase your prices, and make your customers take that leap of faith to buy your products.


Introducing… "Selling The Secret Sauce"!

Selling The Secret Sauce

- This product is NOT about techniques which requires you to spend more money
- This product is NOT full of information found in your standard copywriting course
- This product is NOT a large curriculum that take days to study
- This product is NOT difficult and impossible to implement
- This product is NOT for people who are not bothered to even test the techniques

"Selling The Secret Sauce" is a condensed compilation of proven tips and strategies you can use immediately to position your products for better sales, higher profit margins, and greater perceived value.


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How to get ahead of other information marketers using this truth which no one talks about openly.

4 types of subliminal devices you can use immediately to grab attention… keeps your customers so intrigued… they can never sleep until they buy your product.

22 ways to induce a buying trance in the first 4 seconds

18 suggestive words to paste into your copy and watch conversion climb as you use each one.

14 secret techniques to make your prospect excited with anticipation and ready to bolt across the room to buy your product.

19 tactics to turn on your customers greed glands and make them go into a compulsive buying frenzy.

How to take any mundane ebook and turn it into a confidential report packed with insider's information within 10 minutes.

Top 13 things you can say to intensify your prospect's desire… makes them want your information even more.

11 ways to tempt your customers to buy no matter how skeptical, sophisticated, or cheap they may be.

16 ways to influence your customer's buying decisions in a split-second… suppresses buyer's remorse and even makes your customers think it was the wisest investment they ever made.

And much, much more


"Read This Only If You're Still Skeptical..."

By now, you might be asking "Why should I believe you?" In fact, I have answered those questions so many times, I made the FAQ list below.

Q. Why can't I just add the word "Secret" in my products?
A. My friend, it's more than that. If you promise them a secret but it turns out to be something they already know, your refund rates will rocket through the roof. This book teaches you how to "carry the secret" so your customer not only believes it, they let you keep the money even though they learned nothing new.

Q. This sounds simple. Can't I do it myself without your ebook?
A. Everything is always simple in retrospect. To discover and apply these secrets properly is never easy. It takes time and tremendous amount of experimentation before you can make it work. I personally invested lots of time and energy to research these and I had more failures than I care to admit. You can test 10,000 strategies and find only 1 that works. This ebook will save you hundreds of hours because I give you strategies -- that works.

Q. I don't have a product. Can this work for me?
A. It's easy to create a product. Just do some research on the web, compile the information into a simple ebook, and then use the information in "Selling The Secret Sauce" to sell a million copies. But even if you don't want to do that, all the secrets taught in this book can be applied to sell just about anything. I'll be disappointed if you limit yourself to selling only your own products. Use this to sell anything you want and make more sales.

Q. Isn't this a scam?
A. Fair question. I don't blame you for being skeptical, especially with so much junk sold in the market today. Although my ebook is only 8-pages worth of material, I can guarantee that every one of them work like gangbusters. Test it out for free and see it explode your sales. But if you still think my claims are too good to be true, then I'm going to shoulder all your risk.

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