Making Products Work For Those With Pale Skin 

If you have light, pale skin, it can be an absolute nightmare trying to find facial make up products that suit your tone.  

For many women, even the lightest shade in make up ranges is often too dark or too orange-coloured. Despite this being a continued problem for literally thousands of people, it is an issue that the cosmetics industry has failed to target. Although specific make up lines for people with pale skin do exist, they tend to be pricey, or sacrifice quality of product in the hopes that the lightness of colour will be reason enough for people to buy.  

There are a couple of ways of getting around the problem. First, you could try using a facial bronzer. Used sparingly, a bronzer will add enough colour to your face to allow you to use normal foundations and concealers, though the effect can be patchy if not blended thoroughly. There's also the issue of having your facial skin tone match the rest of your body, and if you cannot be bothered to fully self-tan regularly, this isn't really an option. 

It is worth trying to 'dilute' the colour of a facial make up product, to make it paler and therefore more suitable for your skin tone. Remove some of the normal product from its tube or tub, and then mix in a white facial moisturiser. This should spread the pigment of the foundation around, and make the overall effect appear lighter and more suitable. Just remember that you may need to use extra face powder, as the added moisturiser may make your face appear shinier than normal.