Step 20

This is the 20th lesson of our journey, and I think it is time to look back on what we have discussed. I want to use this time to share a checklist, how much of this list have you actually done?

1. Brainstorm what potential customers search for.
2. Use Google adwords to refine list.
3. Localize those terms.
4. Change title tags.
5. Change description tags.
6. Change image names.
7. Add privacy policy.
8. Add Google analytics.
9. Add Google webmaster tools
10. Add an XML site map and submit it to Google
11. Activate your business on Google Places
12. Add a blog to your website, or start an offsite one.
13. Add a blog post for each of your keywords (titled with the keyword).
14. Read general overview of backlinks.
15. Approach your friends and ask for backlinks.
16. Submit your website to web directories. Start with DMOZ.
17. Create high quality Profile links at the websites we suggested.
18. Submit an article that includes your backlink in the article resource box, at Ezine Articles.
19. Join and use the Five suggested Social Networking websites

If you have already done all of these steps, then your website has a great chance of being near the top of Google for your local search terms. Now it will depend on the size of the area you are targeting. For example, Toronto, NY and Chicago are tough local areas to crack of course. But if you are in a small or medium sized town you will be seeing results already.

The key to this list is to repeatedly do any steps that make sense. You do NOT want to change title and description tags repeatedly, but anything after Step 13 is best done thru repetition.

The two major keys to remember is to produce web content and anchor text rich backlinks as often as possible.

Keep this checklist handy and set a goal to check off every step!