Step Two

Last time we talked, you were working on a list of keywords, terms that people would use to find your business online. By now you should have a pretty good list. Let's take that list and expand it.

I want to introduce you to the Google adwords tool. This tool will give you an approximation on how many times your terms are searched per month (plus a bunch of other information). First step is to visit:

You will be brought to a page where you can enter your keywords. You can add them all line by line into the box that is titled "Word or Phrase". You can leave the website field blank.

Underneath the box where you enter your keywords, is a check box. Check this if you want to limit the results to only terms that include the keywords you have entered. If you have a big list you can check this, if you struggled to think about keywords, leave this box unchecked and it might come up with some great ideas you didn't even think of.

Once you have your list entered and the box checked (or not), enter the security code and click search. Once you do that you will get a list of keywords. Click on "local monthly searches". This will sort the keywords by how many searches they get in your country. These numbers will be pretty high.

***NOTE***This is why we didn't include any local search terms. Many times localizd terms won't show up in the rankings, even though they are getting searched. It really depends on the size of your local area.

Now that you have this list in order of local searches, make a note of the top ten or so terms. In fact, export the whole list as a CSV (or other) file. You will be able to make use of this later on. Just click on "download", it can be found at the top left of the keyword list.