Step 11

This next step is a big one. This step is bigger than search results placement - it is a must for every business out there, even those that don't want to dominate the local search terms.

Google has a local business center that allows users to basically get a profile of their business integrated into Google Maps. This step is a big one for local businesses. You definitely want your business coming up on Google Maps. It will help people with directions, be seen by anyone searching Google Maps and it could help in the search engines. Have you ever searched for something on Google and instead of the normal results, a map pops up showing you all of the local businesses that match your search? You want to be on that list! Best part is it is free and easy.

***NOTE*** Google Local Business Center is now known as Google Places.

To get started visit: (or you can visit and click on add new business)

Once again you get to flex your mighty Google Account, use the account you created for previous steps to log in once you visit the above link. Click on Add a New Business.

The next page you are prompted to enter your country and phone number. You should enter your business number here to see if Google already has your business listed. If it does, then you can follow the on screen directions to edit and verify your business.

If your business doesn't exist you will get a form to fill out. Take your time and fill out the form as best as you can. Make sure to include a link to your website. I also like including a couple of pictures, it does make a difference. Give as much information as you are comfortable. The more you fill out, the better your listing will look. Once you are done, click submit.

The next step requires you to verify your business. This is done in one of three ways. Phone call to business phone number, text to listed cell phone number or a post card. The first two are nearly instant, the post card takes a week or so. All three methods result in a PIN number you need to enter in the back office of your Google Places account. Once you have verified your listing it will be published and you are done a very effective step. You will now show up in Google maps searches, and possibly google search results.