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"Using the Power of the Internet to Grow Your Business Exponentially"

Viral MarketingThis quick-read, lay-it-on-the-line Special Report  gives you all the basics to help you get your viral campaign rolling. It covers things like:

  7 techniques for finding out exactly what your customers are looking for - give them what they want and they'll be eager to share your product with their friends!

6 fun ways to get your readers to do your advertising work for you   - and how rewarding them doesn't have to cost you a dime!

How to use a bestseller list to get the word out about your product or service   - even if there isn't a list around, and even if you're not on it.

How to take advantage of social networks  -  learn which ones work for viral campaigns, and which to stay away from.

How even free products can earn you money - choose from a variety of models to monetize your viral campaign, and watch the money roll in along with the traffic!

You'll also quickly learn the five must-have elements of a successful viral campaign, including:

Leveraging the resources of other marketers - Building a JV partnership might just be the rock that gets the landslide going!

Why it's important to offer great free content - and how to put together a valuable product quickly and easily

Why your campaign must be unique - and how simply being yourself will solve the problem 

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