"This is an AWESOME secret. Just wanted to let you know, that of all the handful of reports I have purchased, yours shines above the rest because: "

1) It is in a language anyone no matter what their level of IM experience and education can understand. We all know that if you do not understand the information or instructions, you cannot implement it. If you do not implement it, you will fail and not make money (if that is the goal).

2) Your report is a step by step (nothing left out) guide that explains anything that might possibly need explaining.

3) Your style and presentation keeps the reader's attention page after page.

4) It is organized so that while you are setting up your site and have the need to refer back to it, you can find your section easily. (heck I'm keeping it open, as I perform the tasks).

5) You make yourself available to the purchaser of your report. You do not just take the money and run :)

6) Priced low enough so that those who really need to make money, can afford to find out how to do so..

You have a fan/customer for life, someone who is going to be looking for any future reports or products from you!

Congrats and thank you.

Dylan Jones