“Why CPA Marketing so often disappoints – and how to avoid being another one of the sadder-but-wiser majority…”

“Uncover The Secrets That Will Show You How To Take Your CPA Marketing Efforts From Pocket Change To A Viable Income!”

Dear Busy Online Marketer, 

You may or may not have thought of dabbling with CPA marketing. After all, everyone’s always talking about “not leaving money on the table”. And CPA marketing certainly is a good way to painlessly generate extra income from sites you already own.  

The beauty of “Cost Per Action” - just getting people to click or give up contact information, rather than buy - lies in the fact that it’s not anywhere near as hard as working your buns off to push through an actual conversion - that is, land an actual sale.

In other words, most of the time, you don’t have to actually be the one who makes the sale. You just have to send the advertiser a “lead” - he does all the hard work of following up!

(And when a sale does result - when your campaign becomes a “cost per acquisition” rather than a “cost per action”, you can look forward to even more reward, on top of your regular “lead” commission!) 

With CPA marketing, you just install the beautifully constructed ad that your hard working CPA network affiliate manager provided you with in a suitable spot on your website, sit back… and collect.


Chances are, if you do it that way, you may run into a real danger that too many people have tripped over…

You end up making peanuts…

(And I do mean, pocket change!)

Worse, you might already be spending extra money on PPC ads to drive people to what you don’t yet realize is a non-viable, low-return campaign. (And that’s money you won’t make back!)

(All that, of course, is assuming your application will be approved by a CPA network in the first place! They’re notoriously picky, and most people experience more refusals than acceptances - just check on any forum!)

I’ll tell you up front…

CPA Marketing is Viable…
But You Have to Know A Few Things,
to Make it Really Work

If you don’t know how CPA networks actually function, and if you’re assuming they do so exactly like regular affiliate marketing, you’re missing vital pieces of information. And that virtually guarantees you’ll experience a lot more disappointment than you need to, once you take that step into the world of CPA marketing.

You need to know about things like:

  • 2 critical differences between CPA networks and regular affiliate programs
  • 5 types of CPA marketing - and a ballpark idea of what sort of payout you can really expect
  • 5 key things to set in place that CPA networks will love you for
  • 5 common newbie mistakes that CPA networks really, really hate

In addition to this, you have to understand critical facts about your site visitor. And how things work in the CPA marketing “real world”.

You need to quickly clue yourself in on factor such as:

  • The absurdly simple way to make people actually thankful for your CPA offer
  • The single most fatal mistake almost everyone encourages CPA marketers to make
  • The second mistake almost everyone makes (the one where everyone stops instead of starts!)
  • The 2 most important things to discover about your customer – and you!
  • The 9 questions you have to answer about your customer before you know how to make him click
  • 3 common but easily preventable causes of CPA disappointment

On top of that, you have to know how to translate all the dry stuff into “real world” thinking - and action.

And, of course, you’d like to do all this easily, without long learning curves - so you can start earning as quickly as possible from those targeted clicks!

Are You Reading This Page because
You’ve Already been Turned Down
by CPA Networks?

This is a common problem that even experienced marketers sometimes have to grin and bear.

You can, of course, call the CPA rep back and ask what went wrong. Then fix it, of course, and hope they’ll let you try again.

But wouldn’t it be better to know what to do - and what not to do - to greatly increase your chances of being accepted in the first place?

There is a reason that CPA networks are so picky. And it’s one that is good for you - and your pocketbook - in the ultimate end.

You don’t want to be one of the multitude left at the backstage door, vainly watching friends of the band sail effortlessly through.

You want to be one of the rock stars!

The way to get in on the “inside” - and then up to the top - is to start out the right way from the word “go”.

So you know:

  • The rules of the game
  • How to play it like a pro
  • What decisions to make - and why
  • What suits your personal comfort zone

This latter point is not a “big” one - but it’s driven more people out of CPA marketing than any other. And it’s also been responsible for half-hearted and money-losing CPA attempts that convince no one at all - least of all your site visitor!

There are many areas on which you can focus - or wisely choose to avoid - when it comes to CPA marketing.

For example, gambling ads are a traditional source of big CPA revenue (if you’re not thoroughly tromped by all the competition, of course.) But it’s also an area that sticks in many peoples’ ethics!

You Don’t Have to be Stuck With
Presenting CPA Offers that Just Don’t Feel Natural
To You, Your Lifestyle - And Values!

The truth is, there are effective ways to use much less “popular” CPA topics - and actually do better with these than you would have with subjects that make you uncomfortable.

And then, of course, you need to know how to separate your eggs into different baskets (so that if you drop one, you don’t lose them all!)

If you’re a “visual” learner, you may find it helpful to look, not just at words, but at real-life examples. (Which is why I’ve included a sampling - and analysis - in this Special Report.)

And speaking of the look of your CPA ads…

It Doesn’t Matter if you Don’t Know
the First Thing about Design

That’s another bit of beauty about CPA marketing - your network Rep provides all the artwork and resources you need!

But you do need to know how to make all that “good design” work for you… and how to effectively choose the right ad versions, and place them in the right psychological spot on your website page.

There are basic principles that have proven to convert to clicks better than all the fanciest graphics in the world…

You’ll also need to be aware that there are speedy ways to “kill” a good ad - and unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for you) we all see too many of these examples live on the web, right now!

I’ve written a Special Report, “CPA Marketing Revealed”, to help you steer your way through all these small but important CPA pitfalls - and help you get the best return you possible can, from your CPA marketing campaigns.

In my Special Report, I show you some of the best tips and techniques - ones that others have already found out the hard way - by trial and error.

You can “cut to the chase” straight away, and set yourself firmly in the top third of the game before you ever start!

Best of all, there’s still absolutely no risk in testing and trying my techniques because...

CPA Marketing Revealed
Comes With My 100%, Unconditional
Money Back, 30-Day Guarantee” 

Download it now, and take the full 30 days to decide if it’s the CPA guide you’ve really been missing. If it’s not what you need - no problem! I’ll cheerfully refund you the full purchase price.

(It’s really as simple as that!)  


My New Special Report
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a Good Overview of CPA Marketing.
How it Works… and Exactly What
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Feel free to take full advantage of my unconditional, 30-day guarantee to check out “CPA Marketing Revealed”… entirely at my risk.

I’m positive you’ll find my information valuable and easy to read - and, what’s more, set in motion - helping you enjoy the CPA process with more hope of real success.

Remember – if at any time during the next 30 days – any time of the day or night – you decide it’s not for you, you can immediately receive an instant refund.

And of course, even if you do ask for a refund, you get to keep my Special Report – with my thanks for your positive action and faith.

So learn how to choose the right CPA ads for your marketing plan today – and learn how to integrate them into your blogs and websites in ways that have proven to be the most effective.

Learn how to be selective, in knowing how and why to go with “hot” or “not” markets – and how to find ads you can be proud to display.

Take advantage of this handy, no-nonsense guide and download “CPA Marketing Revealed” now, while you’re still thinking about it. Just press the button below and make up your mind for yourself, seconds from now.

checkbox.gif Yes! I really want to learn more about CPA marketing today – and shortcut my way past the usual “newbie” mistakes. I need to know exactly how to choose CPA ads that will bring me maximum results!

CPA Marketing RevealedPlease send me my copy of “CPA Marketing Revealed” – so I can decide if CPA marketing is something I can easily add to my multiple streams of income.“ 

I understand your Special Report can speedily clue me in on:

blue%20arrow.gif 2 “must-have” pieces of info to make sure I include in any CPA network application

blue%20arrow.gif 6 hot CPA markets I can choose to explore – or avoid!

blue%20arrow.gif  3 vital functions my CPA website must include, for easy site visitor interest

blue%20arrow.gif 3 drop-dead simple ways to increase my readers’ interaction and interest

blue%20arrow.gif A CPA Checklist to make sure I cover everything I need to have – and do – before I start

But most of all, “CPA Marketing Revealed” will save me valuable time and effort, helping me set up my CPA marketing campaigns without stress - because I’ll know everything I need to get my foot firmly enough in the door to open it wide.


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There’s absolutely no need to fumble around in the dark, trying things out in a “hit or miss” fashion. Or making all those “newbie” mistakes, and only finding out you did so after you’ve lost $100 or more.

Find out today that the “right” way to do it really is the right way – and why!

Add this easy income booster to help increase your online profits today. (Almost everyone who does it will tell you it pays much better than AdSense, even on a bad day – though you can easily combine the two methods, of course.)

Wishing you real CPA profit (and less stress!)

P.S. Be sure to take note of my 10 Tips for Effective CPA Promotion at the end of the Special Report. And don’t forget the checklist of 9 elements you absolutely need to set up or include – they’ll help you “shortcut” yourself to success in being accepted by CPA networks… without re-inventing the wheel, or falling prey to perfectionism.

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