"Flipping Websites" Tutorial Series...

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Video One

introduces you to flipping websites for profit

Video Two

provides you with important information on precisely what flipping involves and how it works

Video Three

covers the basics on buying websites to flip

Video Four

covers everything you need to know about where you can buy your websites

Video Five

covers a range of more advanced tips on buying websites for flipping

Video Six

introduces you to a range of great tools that will help to manage and speed up the buying process

Video Seven

When you view video seven, you'll be taken through some of the best tactics to successfully negotiate buying and selling of your websites

Video Eight

covers everything you need to know about where to sell or flip your websites

Video Nine

Carrying out renovations and implementing site upgrades can be daunting if you're not technically minded - but in video nine all the mystery is taken out of this for you

Video Ten

By this time you'll be well on the way to mastering how to flip websites, but before you finish up, I'll take you through some Do’s and Don’ts on managing finance and trading your websites

Video Eleven

Handling your transactions and communicating effectively with would-be buyers is a crucial aspect of flipping websites. In video eleven I'll walk you through the etiquette of selling when approached

Video Twelve

To finish the series off, I've dedicated video twelve to providing a recap of the series and a refresher overview of the essential points covered throughout



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