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"Google is currently worth $25 BILLION according to Wiki.Answers.com"

AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product and main source of revenue. AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international distribution.




   FACT: Everyday Google generates millions of dollars by selling pay per click advertising.

   This previously unknown internet millionaire figured out a CUNNING way to get his pay per click advertising done, absolutely, positively, for FREE  - and I am going to reveal his UNDERGROUND secret techniques to YOU, by showing you how to do it, step-by-step via videos online, so that you too can begin getting your pay per click advertising for FREE starting NOW, and go and make enough money to live the life YOU want. You deserve it.



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"The Insider"




   Advertising via pay per click isn't cheap.

   I'm sure you figured that one out already due to the huge gaping hole you have in your trouser pockets because of all those 'harmless' little clicks.

   Money just keeps pouring out...

   One click here. One click there. Darn. They sure add up fast don't they.

   "Screw Google!" you say.

   I feel you.

   Are pay per click prices really that bad?

   Aren't we exaggerating a little too much?


   Let's just have a look at the current typical prices our friend Google charges us PER click for some popular key phrases in a few rabid hot markets..


Search phrase keywords: 'Get a credit card'

The top positions for these key phrases can cost you up to $10.76 PER CLICK!


Search phrase keywords: 'How to make money'

The top positions for these key phrases can cost you up to $6.07 PER CLICK!


Search phrase keywords: 'Internet marketing'

The top positions for these key phrases can cost you up to $12.24 PER CLICK!


Search phrase keywords: 'How to Adsense'

The top positions for these key phrases can cost you up to $9.26 PER CLICK!


Search phrase keywords: 'Learn how to'

The top positions for these key phrases can cost you up to $1.32 PER CLICK!


   So just HOW on Earth are you supposed to turn a profit and get wealthy beyond your wildest dreams when you have to pay INSANELY high figures like that PER CLICK!

   Fact is, even if you can afford to pay that amount per click it DOESN'T guarantee you that you'll make a sale!


Screenshot Of Google Ripping Me Off



   You should also know that one has to test a products conversion rate usually by analyzing the customer click through rate by sales.

   Many accept that a product should at least have a 1% conversion rate.

   This means that for every 100 people that visit your site, 1 person will make a purchase (for your product, service or whatever your offer).

   If you are creating a product (or service) to distribute to affiliate marketplaces, such as CJ.com, or Clickbank.com, then you better make sure that you've tested your products conversion rate.

   If your product converts badly, your affiliates will NOT be happy and that will DAMAGE your reputation and income.

   The point was, you have to test your site by getting at least one hundred people through to it.

   What do you think 100 clicks will costs you?

   Yeah, that's right...a lot of money!

   The search key phase for 'internet marketing for small business' costs $12.24 for a good top placement.

   100 Click thru's x $12.24

   = $1224!

   You better be prepared to spend that kind of money if you want to find out how many people that visit your site convert into sales (or leads which ultimately turn into revenue).

   Remember, if you don't test before recruiting affiliate to promote you product, you can severely damage your reputation and business with them. It's they who are spending their hard earned money and time to promote your product and if it doesn't convert well...then it's your reputation on the line.


Screenshot Of One HOT Campaign Running AFTER
I Knew and Implemented Dr. Jon's 'SECRET'!!


PROOF Of Earnings!




...there is an easier way to get your adverts out there for FREE - and make a bucket load of cash in the process!..




Alright, enough with the scepticism already...

Here Is Why You Should Invest In This Highly Guarded Secret

Look At Some Disgustingly Awesome Facts About The
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Dr. Jon Cohen has lived quite an amazing life.

  • He has served as a Royal Fellow.

  • Has been a member of the Bristol's research society.

  • Acted as a field doctor in Africa teaching local citizens the basics in health and hygiene.

  • Given seminars to marketing executives at the rate of $5,000 per client.

  • Privately consulted with Microsoft, Amazon, and other well-known online firms.

  • Has coached his amazing secret PPC techniques 'live' to over 100 executive from major Fortune 500 companies and many more.

Dr Jon created this system by implementing a 'twist' that he saw happening 'offline' marketing world and applying it directly towards the paid for advertising search programs (i.e. Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc) on the internet.

   As a direct result of his techniques he has been able to;

  • Bypass over $87 million worth of pay per click fees that 'would' have to Google and other major search engines over the span of nearly 10 years now!

  • Executing this technique has allowed him to gross over $314 in sales from his vast businesses.

  • Has net wealth of more than $68 million.



You DEFINITELY need to have this secret in your hands as SOON AS POSSIBLE. You will NEVER again have to worry how much money Pay Per Click advertising costs.

You will NEVER again have to worry if the product or service you have on offer will sell because it just will not matter - as there aren't any direct ad expenses!

...[You WILL be able to enter ANY market and sell
you want!]

Why? ..Because all the advertising will be FREE!!




   This system has nothing to do with obtaining Google Adword's vouchers or finding a way to keep topping up with Google credits to offset your costs which in turn enable you to run your pay per click campaigns for free.

   Everyday the secret internet marketer gets THOUSANDS of pay per clicks across a wide variety of search engines for FREE.

   One you know this secret you will be able to place to benefit in the following ways;










  1. High Cost Per Click bid amounts (that you previously thought were CRAZY) such as this. Never worry about what position the competition is at or how much they are paying because at this level, you'll DESTROY them in one blow!



  1. High daily budgets! You will be able to set your daily budgets excessively high. This will ensure that all your adverts get ultra premium positions in the search engines.





  1. Exclusively premium TOP ad placements!

   I'm talking about getting position just above the 'organic' listings that appear after a user has completed a search. This is where you want to be, rather than far away on the right hand side like the generally 'cheaper' ads placements.

The Golden Triangle Study


   From the representation above you can tell that the top left hand part get's the most eye views or 'eye traffic AND CLICKS. That is where you want your pay per click ads to be. After all, the whole idea is for your ad to be seen by prospective customers.

   Regardless of the different factors involved with Google assessing our CPC such as click through rates and quality score, fact is, most often, it'll generally cost you MORE money to get your ad in the top front ad positions.

   With this AMAZING, hot new secret you will be able to secure PREMIUM rate ad placements within the Golden Triangle area for FREE, each time, and every time, without competition. That's right. Stamp your completion out and make some real money.


  1. Insert UNLIMITED keywords and keyword phrases into your campaigns!

    It doesn't matter how many you add, because once you're implementing the secret 'get Google ads for free' techniques they'll all be FREE!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It is said that 20% of your keywords will bring you 80% of your results.

    So it's not really necessary to stuff tens of thousands of keywords and key phrases into your campaigns just for the sake of it.

    Just because you'll be getting free keywords it doesn't mean that you have to act dumb and not analyze your campaigns, including keywords. Figure out which ones are converting for you.

    This is basic business sense. Be smart, not a fool.




  1. Enter any market you wish!

    Enter into multiple niche markets!! Sell unlimited products and services!..

   Yes, you'll be able to embark into any business you wish! You can sell anything you want, promote anything you want, or even sell NOTHING and still MAKE MONEY! Pay Per Click costs will be a thing of the past.

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How will you spend your fortune?



"Quit your day job - in record time flat! This really works!"
Diane Wright

"The only Google guide that tells it like it is!"
Mike Olivier

"Learn the true insider methods to getting free pay per clicks on Google!"
Ranjit Singh



Okay...enough of the HYPE!...because that's what you're thinking isn't it..

Go and have a look at the eBook version of Get Google Ads Free on the internet...go on, 'Google it' and then come back...BECAUSE i'm presenting to you right here and now, the complete alternative, step by step, VIDEO VERSION!

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The FOLLOWING testimonials have been written by REAL people. They are not stock photos either!


"This looks like a real "win-win" situation.."

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

Hi Adeel

Thank you for the opportunity to review your new product, "Google Videos"(sorry for the delay, but with about 3 hours of video it took me a while to absorb all the information ;)

This looks like a real "win-win" situation... people who buy this product can make great money while helping other marketers get tons of targeted traffic for about 1/10th the normal cost!

I can easily imagine your customers being very successful with this (even if they're new to Google AdWords).

Wishing you much success,

Brian Cook


"Wow! The information in this package is outstanding.."

** Unsolicited Testimonial **


Wow! The information in this package is outstanding.

I've experienced very little success with Google Adwords. As of matter of fact, the results I've had with Adwords have been so disappointing that I basically stopped using Adwords altogether.

This video series was just what I needed because it teaches how to use Adwords effectively for the best results.

There are strategies shown and secrets revealed in the video series that I'm confident will make my campaigns receive higher click-thru rates and ultimately lead to higher sales conversion rates.

Anyone who is struggling with Adwords and just about ready to give up on using Adwords to drive targeted traffic to your websites or blogs need to own this video series.

It practically takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to set up an Adwords campaign and be successful

Duane Lawton


"..given the little guy a fighting chance!"

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

Hi Adeel

Your new video series has really blown the door open and given the little guy a fighting chance against high PPC costs!

Your videos are clear and concise.

Your enthusiasm and knowledge of Google and PPC advertising far surpasses any course I have taken in the past.

I can't wait to implement your strategies and watch my profits multiply.

I highly recommend your videos to anybody wanting to lower their PPC advertising costs and dominate their chosen niche.

Jane Smith


"If you were asking 4 times the money you ask, I would gladly pay it.."

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

Your product is simply awesome. No matter if the buyer is a complete newbie or an expert, you take your students by the hand and guide them right straight into success.

The video tutorials are very simple to follow, as simple as ABC...

You teach what is Google Adwords, how to open an account, etc, but the most incredible parts of your video course are Parts I, II and III where you reveal the amazing tricks and techniques to generate big amounts of money almost immediately.

But you are not happy offering all the above mentioned priceless materials, you also provide us with 8 more secret videos plus an extra added bonus about a secret technique related to Amazon...

If you were asking 4 times the money you ask, I would gladly pay it...your videos are packed with golden gems that will make every buyer a satisfied, richer and happier client of you... FOREVER!!!

Juan Rodriguez Villa, Valencia (Spain)www.spanishtranslations.weebly.com


"Results are almost instantaneous!"

** Unsolicited Testimonial **



Dude, your google ads free video tutorials are too cool. Everyday I get up 'licking my chops' as I log in... Because I know I have a choice of DOZENS of ultra-powerful marketing tools that will demand traffic to go to my money sites.

My favorites are Video 4, Video 5 and Video 8!

When I use these three, results are almost instantaneous!

If someone has a 'limp' marketing campaign, they need to see your video tutorials.

I promise you, it will be their ... digital Viagra!

Alex Albert


"really clever Pay-per-click strategies.."

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

"Results are almost instantaneous!"

Hi Adeel,

I've just finished going through all the content in the members area for your 'Get Google Ads Free Videos' package and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

For starters, you've covered the basics anyone needs to know to get started with using PPC in their business.

Next, you've introduced some really clever Pay-per-click strategies which anyone can use to keep their cost per click to a minimum whilst driving highly targeted traffic to their websites.

I'm a big fan of video learning, and your tutorials are easy to follow and straight to the point, just the way they should be.

No matter what their experience level, I'm confident anyone wanting to make use of Google Ads in their business will benefit from this package.

James Dyson


"I highly recommend your product!"

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

Hi Adeel,

I went through your entire package and found it very helpful for those wanting to get free PPC clicks from google, your videos are very informative & entertaining and anyone can learn this system. 

What I liked most about your product was how the videos explained everything in a manner that we ALL can understand and put into use today, I highly recommend your product!




"This is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!"

** Unsolicited Testimonial **


This is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!

Your tips and strategies shared here are a Must-Know for any Marketer.

A lot of products talk about a methods for getting Free Google Ads, but this one is the first one I've seen that actually shows you step by step!

Your videos are concise and easy to follow and I encourage everyone to grab this quickly.

Great Job!

Lonnie Robinson


"These videos are great!"

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

These videos are great!

They take you step by step from registering for Adwords, all the way to fine tuning your campaigns.

The way you get all your google ads for free is ingenious.

But Adeel doesn't stop there. He even shows you some "secret internet tools" and throws in a few unannounced bonuses as well.

Ernie B
Warren, Ohio


"Google ads for free? Really?.."

** Unsolicited Testimonial **


I didn't believe it for a second when I read the sales page. Google ads for free? Really??

BUT, I went ahead and watched Adeel's videos and he really has found a way to get your Google ads for free!!

If you take action and apply this method there is no reason for you not to succeed with it.

Thanks Adeel, it's brilliant!

Jenn Dize


"comes down to really teaching you what to do!"

** Unsolicited Testimonial **


These videos are precisely what I have been looking for!

It's one thing to read a manual or book that explains in detail how all this works -- or even to go on Google AdWords site and read their instructions.

But when it comes down to really teaching you what to do, there is nothing like watching someone walk through the steps one by one and explain what they are doing.

Oh and do you think Google is going to tell you how you can get their ads for nothing?

Think again!

But these videos do -- in wonderful detail. Now all I need to do is put all this into practice.

'Scuse me, I have some work to do now, LOL.

Nancy Boyd



Get The 'SECRET' On 10+ Easy To Follow, STEP-BY-STEP Instructional VIDEOS! (RRP $840)

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Get Google Ads Free VIDEO 1
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• What is Google Adwords?

• What are the other advertising platforms available?

• MSN and Yahoo Search Marketing Revealed!

• ...AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first time... and possibly the last...

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• Step by step procedure to open up and register all the accounts you will require to make a disgustingly huge amount of money!

• Google Adwords, MSN, YSM Registration!

• Dummy proof guide. Watch over my shoulder and then simply copy!

• Discover an underground resource to getting unlimited advertising credits and vouchers!


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Get Google Ads Free VIDEO 3
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Get Access To Dr Jon Cohen's FREE PPC Secret Strategy Now!


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Get Google Ads Free VIDEO 4
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• Why is this technique so POTENT and down right EFFECTIVE?!


• Spying on the competition and 'taking' profitable ads for yourself...EASY MONEY!

• Secret online source to ______ _______!

• Offline to online transition and vice versa!


• Maximise your profits by utilizing an UNLIMITED number of keywords, COST FREE!

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• Enter and dominate any market you wish WITHOUT worrying about the costs per click involved in advertising directly!

• Start selling ANYTHING you want!

• You don't even need a product or service to sell...make money by selling 'nothing' by LEVERAGING ___________ _____!!!

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Learn How To Dominate Online AND Offline Markets Once You Know How To Get FREE PPC Ads!


Playtime: 5 min 17 seconds

Get Google Ads Free VIDEO 6
RRP $67 - Promotion Theory

• Creating VALUE for others. So much so that they will PAY you money for NOTHING!

• How to drive hundreds, even thousands of visitors to other peoples website through the use of UNLIMITED, targeted keywords focused on THEIR market - in exchange for COLD HARD CASH!

• Why you will be seen as the GURU of the advertising world!

• ...and More!

Immerse Yourself In Promotion Theory Right Now!


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Get Google Ads Free VIDEO 7
RRP $67 - Correct Keyword Configuration

• Discover WHY choosing the right keywords in extremely important to making disgustingly outrageous profits!

• Provide targeted value to your clients and cash will come!

• Give them what THEY want in return for $$$!

• Setup once and do nothing for the rest of the month!

Know Why Good Keywords are Important For Your Business
To Be Extremely Profitable


Playtime: 19 min 04 seconds

Get Google Ads Free VIDEO 8
RRP $147 -
Ad Optimization + Keyword + High CTR Technique = ??

• Learn the FORMULA to making your ADS profitable!

• Implement the technique that allows you to get a HIGH quality score by INCREASING your click through rate, EVERY TIME! Google will LOVE YOU for it!

• How to pay much LESS than your competitors are for the SAME keywords and STILL remain on the top sponsored area of the FIRST page in ANY advertising search engine!

• Live example revealed with one of my PERSONAL campaigns! See how I got my costs down to $0.50 (and still holding the same top position) while my competition pays $1.00 (almost double)!!

• ...AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first time... and possibly the last...

Get Google Ads Free Videos Now!


Playtime: 13 min 55 seconds

Get Google Ads Free VIDEO 9
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Attracting Clients $$$

• Become the person who OWNS the main flow of TRAFFIC into any market for the BEST key words and phrases!

• Become a MAGNET to other advertisers who will get on their knees and BEG you endlessly to give them some traffic! It's up to you if you do..$$$!

• Discover how to get in touch with huge, ENDLESS supply of people who you can sell your valuable services and ____ ______ to, using this FREE tool!!

• All it takes is an email and you will make a beautiful RECURRING income for doing something that will only take you 15 minutes every month!!

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Get Google Ads Free Videos Now!



There's over 2 HOURS of PURE content...NO FLUFF !

Let's Look At Everything You Get With The
"Get Google Ads FREE" Video Package...


You get the exact same techniques that retired internet millionaire Dr. Jon Cohen used and still does, to make over $312 MILLION dollars in profit by generating and leveraging over $87,000,000 worth of FREE Google Pay Per Click Ads!!

10+ videos totalling more than 2 hours worth of quality, step by step, video instructional material!

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Learn in an entertaining and fun way!
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