So what exactly is a "Squeeze Page"? A squeeze page is a page on a website or blog the "Squeeeezes" people onto a mailing list. You’ve seen those pages that just have a video or a sign up to be notified of a launch of something. That is a squeeze page. But why do people use squeeze pages?

Squeeze pages are used to bzuild a marketing list. If you have someone on your email list you can put them into your marketing funnel of email messages. Most marketers will tell you "the money is in the list". That’s kind of true. It depends on what information you give and the relationship you build with that list. If you have a mailing list and you are bombarding them daily with sales message after sales message it definitely won’t take long for them to unsubscribe.

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For a professional design that portrays an image of trust and professionalism it would normally cost you anywhere from $150 (on the very cheap side) to $300...for a squeeze page design that really does an effective job.
Squeeze pages don't have to be difficult to create ... even if you don't consider yourself technical in the least, but are comfortable using the basic features of software like FrontPage or DreamWeaver (or even free software like Nvu and Composer) that's all you
Here I talk you through how to create Squeeze Pages using the popular Get Response email management service and how to fix the issues the Get Response system can add to your website.
Creating a Squeeze Page is pretty simple really. Squeeze pages consist of a couple of standard components but there are a few ways you can go about it.