Classifeds Site Installation

Step 1:

In your text editor (wordpad, notepad), open up the file conn.php and change the database info as follows:

//enter your MySQL database host name, often it is not necessary to edit this line
$db_host = "localhost";

//enter your MySQL database username
$db_username = "db_username";

//enter your MySQL database password
$db_password = "password";

//enter your MySQL database name
$db_name = "db_name";


Step 2:

FTP to your site and upload the entire site, keeping the directory structure in tact.

Step 3:

Set permissions on the following folders:

banners to 777
images to 777

Step 4:

Open you browser and load the file install.php at the URL you just uploaded the site to, this will create your database tables for you. Check the installation, your site should be viewable with no errors.

After running the install.php, it is a good idea to delete it from your server.

Step 5:

Your final step is to visit the site admin to set up your site info, such as email, prices, etc. Which is done at:

Your default username and password is admin


The site uses two payment options. Stormpay or PayPal. If you only wish to use one. Delete PricesTemplate.php in the templates folder, then rename either PayPal.php or Stormpay.php in the templates folder to the original file you deleted to:


Reupload the file PricesTemplate.php ONLY!

How the site works

This classifieds site is a padi service site, you determine your prices via the siteadmin area. All users who register for the site are pending until they purchase an ad package. Once they purchase an ad package they will become active until their ad expires. They can always log into their account to add more pakcages at a later date.

If you would like to offer a free ad for your customers you will need to do it manually. This is so people do not abuse the website. To give members a free ad, login to the siteadmin and find the pending member and click on them. Next hit edit. Under edit you are going to click on activate. A new screen will load allowing you to pick a package for this member. After you have selected the package, the member will get an email notifying them of the package and when it expires.

For paying customers, this site uses PayPal and stormpay's IPN system so adding credits via the payment processors is automated.



A blank logo file is included called logo_blank.gif, replace logo.gif when you have created your own logo or use the generic one provided.

For easy access three main templates are available in the root directory which are:

t_advertise.php - to change advertising details. If you edit this page and still want to use the database driven variables that are in the site settings be sure not to delete any code.

t_nav.php - This is the text links that appear under the login box on the main site and secondary pages.

t_thanks.php - This is the thank you page for advertising orders as any advertising orders you choose/receive will need to be setup manually.