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It's the list you won't hear about in ANY internet marketing course, ebook, or forum. Only a select-few 6 to 7-figure earners know about it and keep it "hush-hush". Read on to discover how I accidently stumbled across this "secret" tactic 2 ½ years ago--which motivated me to delete my 120,000-person list and start over from scratch!

Dear Lucky Internet Marketer,

If you've ever wondered how to make more online income, then read every single word of this message and I'll show you how to make some serious $$$ with the "secret list" nobody else knows!

You'll find out about the "secret" list I've been building the last 2 ½ years that has only 5000 people--but is making 10x more money than all my other lists COMBINED (and that's not an exaggeration either!).

You'll discover how to build a list the RIGHT way. Not the "wrong" way—which is what I foolishly did when I got started in internet marketing 5 ½ years ago (more on that later).

Believe me, once you "take action" on what you'll discover on this audio, you'll literally be able to make money at will by just sending out a single email!

You see, after speaking at countless seminars, mastermind groups, and holding many 1 on 1 workshops, I'm convinced that:

95% Of Internet Marketers Royally SCREW UP
When It Comes To Making Money From A List!

How do I know? Because I used to be one of them!

Here's what happened: About 3 ½ years ago, I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to making money online. I listened to all the listbuilding "gurus" and implemented all the "secret" listbuilding tactics I discovered on various internet marketing forums.

In fact, after about 6 months of hard work and dedication, I was able to build a list of over 120,000 people - something most marketers would only DREAM about!

But there was one problem: none of those 120,000 people bought a DARN thing when I sent out an email! Sure my list size was huge, but what's the point if they aren't going to give you any money?

Believe me, it was frustrating! So after hiring several employees to work for me (and needing to make money fast to pay their salaries), I did something totally shocking:

I Logged Into My Autoreponder,
Clicked A Button, And Deleted My ENTIRE
List of Over 120,000 Subscribers!

That was one of the most scariest moments of my life. One second I had 120,000 names and emails in my autoresponser account, and the next second, I had NONE! Some of my buddies thought I was a little off my rocker—and I was starting to think they were right.

But I wanted to do it right this time. So from then on, I devoted my time, money, and energy to building the most RESPONSIVE list in the world. A list that would keep paying me and my family over and over again—even when I'm no longer here!

And I did just that. After building a list of 4000 a couple months later, I started making MORE money than my "dead" list of 120,000.

That's right...

My list Was 96% Smaller...But I Was
Making MORE Money With LESS Effort!

Let's just say I was HOOKED. I then searched for other ways I can extract money from my lists without worring about "list size" - something marketers brag about on forums, ebooks, and courses.

Then I discovered a "secret" technique in December 2006 that I've been exploiting ever since. It allowed me to build a "secret" list that makes me 10x more than all my other lists combined!

Thanks to this listbuilding secret, I was able to:

Now let me call a "time out" and mention that I'm not talking about a "buyer" list—the list of people who bought a product from me. Believe me, I make a decent income from this list, but it's only a FRACTION of my total income—believe it or not!

So nope, that's not it. I'll tell you all about this "secret" list that'll allow you to make more money with less work when you claim your copy of:

Discover The "Secret" List That Makes
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The Other Side of Listbuilding

"The Other Side Of Listbuilding" is a 69-minute audio where I reveal my unorthodox listbuilding tactics I've been using to boost my income beyond my wildest dreams. These tactics, when acted upon, will give you the upper edge in your market so you can swat competitors aside with ease.

You see, I treated this audio like an actual "coaching consultation" - as if you're sitting in my office undergoing a 1 on 1 consultation from me. And my clients know I always save the best stuff for them - which is a testament to the actionable able steps you'll discover on this audio.

Believe me, I would have done anything to get a hold of this audio when I was starting out. I don't want to think about all the effort I wasted to build a list of over 120,000 - only to have to delete the whole DARN thing because I wasn't making any money!

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I also know a lot of people who have spend $1000's on listbuilding courses and barely making enough to pay the water bill every month. Believe me, you're literally flushing time and money down the toilet when you're constantly "spinning your wheels" like that!

But I know money is tight for most people - thanks to the sorry state of the US and world economies. I would have sold plasma to get a hold of these secrets when I was a poor college student—because there was no way I could have afforded it!

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You see, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again—and expecting a different result.

If you've been banging your head trying to make money online doing the same stuff, "The Other Side of Listbuilding" will give you fresh principles you can implement that'll make it easier to flood your bank account with cash.

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Russell Brunson and (insert name)

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