"With A Step-By-Step Guide You Can Finally Get Your Own Domain On The Internet ... And Get Started On Your Online Empire!"

Kevin Riley
Kevin Riley is an Infopreneur -- publishing his popular Internet Marketing Recipes from his comfortable home office in Osaka, Japan.
Don't let this simple task hold you back from making money online. It's a lot easier than it looks.

Having your own domain name let's you setup a secure base for your online business. It gives you respectability and fosters trust in those who visit your website. It will make you a lot of money!

The problem is: How do you register a domain name? Where do you go? Where is the best place to host your website? How do you take care of those technical tasks -- like pointing name servers at the hosting server? What in blazes is a name server? What is a hosting server?

It all seems so confusing.

Well ... it doesn't have to be!

Newbie Toolkit

"The Newbie Toolkit: How To Register And Host Your First Domain" walks you through all the steps:

Checkmark Properly register your domain name, without the niggling worries that you left out something vital.
Checkmark Set up those all-important name servers, so that browsers can actually find your website.
Checkmark Get the right hosting for your website, at a good company which protects your business on the Internet ... and at a reasonable price.

Like all Newbie Toolkits, this one also takes you step-by-step through each process -- illustrating every little step with highly-detailed screenshots and simple directions:

Some pages from the guide
Just five of the 23 detailed pages in this guide that takes you step-by-step through registering your first domain and getting a good hosting service for it.

Get your domain set up properly today -- the easy, no-hassle way. No worries. No wasted time. No backtracking and re-doing things. No expensive mistakes.

And ... you can get your toolkit for just $4.95

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Get started on your online business today,

Kevin Riley

PS: You won't find an easier way to get started online than with a Newbie Toolkit. Do it right the first time.