Spam complaints are the biggest "pain" when using Email Marketing.

Most spam complaints come from AOL users (including AIM users) and Hotmail users.

This is because they position the "report spam" button right next to the "delete" button. 

Most users don't know how detrimental that little button can be, so instead of manually unsubscribing from your list (or even archive/deleting the email) they'll just hit the spam button and move on.

If you use for your email autoresponders, then can be REALLY bad.

You see, Aweber will force your WHOLE account to be double optin (meaning each new signup will have to confirm his subscription) if your spam complaint gets to high.

Fortunately you can use the Email Router software to get rid of Spam Complaint headaches.

Here's how it works:

If any email address is from AOL or Hotmail, it signs them up to (you'll need a 1shoppingcart email account.  They have pretty good deliverability, but not as good as Aweber).

All other email addresses will be signed up with ... saving you a TON of Spam Complaints from the "heavy spam button hitting" email users.

NOTE:  It might be possible to edit this software to work with other Autoresponder companies, but we do not recommend it or provide documentation for it.  We recommend you simply setup an account with and

You just need to edit two files, then upload everything to your server.

Just follow these directions:

1. Unzip

2. Edit domains.txt and enter the high complaint email domains (defaulted to, and no need to edit this if you want to just keep these three!).

3. Edit "signup.php"

In the Source Code View of your HTML editor, replace following information:

Line 26 - Replace XXXXX with your Sales Automator Merchant ID Number.
Line 27 - Replace XXXXX with your Thank You Page URL
Line 30 - Replace XXXXX with your Default AR Number (view this when looking at your Autoresponder)

Line 49 - Replace XXXXX with your Aweber Web Form ID Number
Line 51 - Replace XXXXX with your Aweber List Name (Autoresponder name)
Line 52 - Replace XXXXX with your Thank You Page URL

NOTE: All the information that needs to be included above is included in the autoresponder web form you export from 1ShoppingCart or Aweber!

Simply export the HTML CODE web from from both websites, and fill in the data.  Takes about 2 minutes.

Once done, anyone that goes to "signup.php" and enters there email address and name will be signed up to the appropriate autoresponder.

Obviously you don't want to simply send people to a blank page, so you have two options:

1. You can edit signup.php, add your website info, and then save it as "index.php". (then it works just like an index.html file!).

2. You can make "signup.php" an iframe into your existing site.

If you don't know about iframes, then simply do the first option.  (Just make sure you don't delete any of the code in signup.php if you edit it!)

That's it.  Simply edit 6 lines of code, upload to your server, and you'll cut down roughly 50% or more of your spam complaints!