Easy split test is a SUPER simple split testing software that takes less than 2 minutes to setup.

Here's what you do:

1. Make 3 different versions of your sales page.  For example, each one could have a different headline.

2. Make sure each sales page links to a different "Purchase Page".  This way you'll know which conversions come from which sales page.  This is easy using Clickbank's Tracking ID option.

3. Edit "split.php" (the only file besides this setup document in Easy Split Test)

4. Change the bolded sections below to the web pages you will be split testing.  For example, www.yourdomain.com/split1.html, www.yourdomain.com/split2.html, etc.

$WEBSITE[1] = 'http://www.google.com';
$WEBSITE[2] = 'http://www.yahoo.com';
$WEBSITE[3] = 'http://www.msn.com';

That's it!

Pretty easy, right?

Now you can also split test more or less sites. 

Let's say you wanted to split test 5 different web pages, here's how you'd do it:

1. Simply add to the website list as shown in bold below:

$WEBSITE[1] = 'http://www.google.com';
$WEBSITE[2] = 'http://www.yahoo.com';
$WEBSITE[3] = 'http://www.msn.com';
$WEBSITE[4] = 'http://www.new_split_test.com';
$WEBSITE[5] = 'http://www.new_split_test.com';

2. Change the line line in bold below to show the TOTAL number of websites you are split testing (The total number here is 5, which is RED and in BOLD).

if ($_COOKIE["RandomWebsite"]>0) {
$website = $_COOKIE["RandomWebsite"];
} else {
$website = rand(1,5);
setcookie("RandomWebsite",$website,time() + 60*60*24*30);

By the way, Easy Split Test even cookies the users computer.

So if they leave and come back, they will see the same page in the split test.

Try this software out next time you want to throw together any split test from a simple headline to a  total site redesign.