Affiliate links are long, ugly and a lot of people recognize they are trying to "sell them something".

Also, many affiliate links (like ones from clickbank.com and cj.com) are blacklisted, so if you try to use them in an autoresponder, the email will probably end up in the spam box.

This simple tool will take a single affiliate link, and make it look like it's from YOUR domain.

This is probably the most used tool we have.  You'll find a million different reasons why you need to start using it!

Also, it's SUPER easy to setup.

Here's how you do it:

1. Upload the file cloak.php to your server.

2. Goto the www.YOURDOMAIN.com/cloak.php in any web browser.

You'll now see the cloaker software and have two options. 

The first is "File Name".  Simply enter a name for your cloaked file here.  This is what people will see so keep it simple!

(For example: spanish)

The second option is "Affiliate Link", here simply enter your affiliate link.

(For example: http://yourdomainhere.rspanish.hop.clickbank.net/ )

Now click "Download Page"

It will prompt you to save your file (in this example named spanish.php) to your computer.

3. Upload the newly created file (in this example spanish.php) to your domain server.

Now anyone that goes to www.YourDomain.com/spanish.php would be redirected to the affiliate link!

Pretty simple ... and since it's hosted on your server, your not sharing any of your information (like what products you are testing) with some random company on the web!