This is really simple to setup.

You just need to edit two files, then upload everything to your server.

Just follow these directions:

1. Edit index.html to change the text and look of your countdown page.

The actual code for the countdown is on line 34, so make sure you don't accidently delete this

<div id="cntdwn"></div>
<script language="javascript" src="cookie.php"></script>

2. Now edit the beginning of cookie.php

Days is how many days long you want the launch to be

If you want 3 days, then it would look like this:

$days = 3;

Hour is what time you will launch (military time)

If you want to launch at 3:00PM, then it would look like this:

$hour = 14;

(Please Note:  Autolauncher automatically figures out their time zone and launches it in their time).

URL is where they will be redirected to once the countdown completes. This
is where you put the sales page for your your new product you are launching. I'll use
google as an example:

$url = '';

Dateformat is how the countdown will appear on the site. It's defaulted for "Days Hours
Minutes Seconds" which should be fine.

$dateFormat = '%%D%% %%H%% %%M%% %%S%%';

Datefont is simply the font style for the countdown

$dateFont = 'Arial';

Datesize is the size of the countdown font

$dateSize = '32px';

Datecolor is the color of the font (Use #000000 for black, or #FF0000 for red)

$dateColor = '#000000';

Cookiename is the name of the cookie put on there computer. If you have multiple autolaunchers, you'll need to name each of them a different Cookiename.  Make sure it's just one word. This is defaulted to "autolauncher1":

$cookieName = 'autolauncher1'

3. That's it! Now upload the files to a new directory on your website.

4. When a person goes to that website, it will start the countdown.  When they come back, it will continue the countdown for them.  And when the countdown is over, it will redirect them to your new sales page.

5. Remember when writing your emails, the user won't start the countdown UNTIL he hits the page!  So write your emails accordingly.  (ProTip... send them to a namesqueeze page for your new launch, with the autolauncher website setup as the "Thank You Page".. this will perfectly sync your new email launch series with their countdown clock!).

6. Also, don't forget.. this not only works great for counting down to a new product launch, but also
works for giving a limited time restraint on a product you are promoting.

You could send an email saying "For 2 days only I'm giving my full course for half off..." then send
them to a 2 day autolauncher that automatically redirects to your normal sales page after 2 days.

7. You can also host as many autolaunchers as you want on your domain. Just make sure you put them in different  directories and they use different "cookienames" as mentioned above.

8. Lastly, for advanced users, you can use run cookie.php?do=delete on your website to delete the cookie  and reset the timer. Don't worry about this if it doesn't make sense... It's just something for testing purposes and has nothing to do with making Autolauncher work.

That's it... Enjoy!