The AutoCountdown script generates a countdown for your webpage.

This is great for launches or special limited sales/offers you have for your clients.

This is pretty easy to setup.  We recommend EDITING the index.htm file included in the .zip file.

Here's what you do:

1. Unzip the file to extract all the files.

2. Edit "options.js" file.

3. Input your countdown details as follows:

TargetDate = "1/1/2010 10:44 AM"; //// date-time
Change the date/time for when you want the countdown to end.  (Don't Delete The Quotes!)

DisplayFormat = "%%D%% %%H%% %%M%% %%S%%"; //// display format
We recommend leaving this alone, but you can delete one of the sections above to not display "seconds" for instance.

FinishURL = ""; //// Your Sales Page Link
This is the link it will goto AFTER the countdown is finished.  If you are launching a new product, then you would enter the new product's sales page.  If you are dong a special limited sale, then you would enter the "normal" webpage for your product... Also, anyone that comes to the AutoCountdown page AFTER it is over will automatically be redirected this URL.

FontSize = "30px"; //// FONT SIZE
How large the font is we've set it to default to 30px, which should be fine for most uses.

FontColor = "#000000"; /// FONT COLOR
What color you want the font, defaulted to Black (which is #000000)

DisplayLink = false; /// set to false if you want to be automatically redirected
Set to "False" and they will be automatically redirected tot he "Finsh URL" when the countdown finishes.  You can set this to "TRUE" if you want it to simply DISPLAY the Finish URL link on the webpage instead of redirecting them.  We recommend you keep this setting to FALSE as it is.

GMTtimeZONE = true; /// set to false if you want to use the time zone of your visitors and not the GMT one
OK, this is pretty cool.  Let's say you are launching your product at 3:00PM.  You can choose to launch it at 3:00PM from your timezone (or any other timezone)... OR... You can make it launch at 3:00PM at the USERS timezone. 

For instance, you could launch at 8:00PM for every persons unique time zone, so EVERYONE gets to purchase the product after working hours.

If you want to do a "normal" launch at one time zone (like 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time) then have this option set to true (the default).  If you want to launch individually at the customers time zone, then set this option to false.

TimezoneOffset = -5; //// time zone offset for GMT time zone
If the previous option is set to true, then you need to decide which time zone you will launch your product in.

This is defaulted to -5 GMT, which is Eastern Time Zone.

That's it... Enjoy!