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No one expects you to hire Brad Pitt to be in your product commercial.

 That said, though, you don't want to go as cheaply as possible where actors are concerned. It just takes one halting delivery, problematic accent, or other flaw to turn your site into the laughing stock of the Internet. Either use people in-house who you can rely on to represent your product, or consider investing a little bit of time in finding an actor or actress.

This isn't as expensive as it sounds, especially if you're near a major city. Any college town or large urban center will have a population of actors, many with impressive technical training, but few actual production credits as yet.

If you find a sufficiently young and resume-poor actor or actress through online creative services sites (Craigslist being a classic option) or through other channels, you can often convince them to do a day or two of shooting with you for nothing but the experience of being on camera and a good letter of recommendation to future potential employers. There's plenty of talent out there waiting to be discovered, and there's no reason to let it lie fallow when you could put it to work for you or your project for almost nothing.

If you live in a rural area or just don't have a good local talent pool, you'll have to use someone in house. There are endless books written about the difficulty of casting, but as a general rule, pick someone with a pleasant, friendly face and pick someone who's easy to understand. It'll make your content seem more professional and it'll provide a more positive emotional branding for your product.

And if you simply don't have other options, don't overlook the power of testimonials. Get some friends of yours who've used your product and who like it to let you record them talking about how much they enjoy the product. In this case, their lack of technical acting training is an asset: it'll give your production an air of authenticity and make the testimonials that much more convincing. Plus working with friends is an all-time good deal, since they'll most likely be excited enough by the prospect of appearing in your "commercials" that they'll work for friendship, or for free.

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