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What you should know BEFORE you begin...

Eat Right To Feel Great was developed by a team of Internet Marketers who understand the nuances of Internet Marketing. They have each been involved in some of the Internet's biggest pay days and you should feel comfortable using the affiliate tools that they've created. They've made a lot of people a lot of money and once you start promoting Eat Right To Feel Great, you'll see why.

Eat Right To Feel Great was developed with an eye towards its users. It was created for people who have a keen interest in marketing and online money making. Buyers are looking specifically for products that will help them make money via the Internet using targeted selling strategies that are very affordable. Rest assured that these resources provide that.

You can market this product with confidence, knowing that Eat Right To Feel Great will allow you to instantly tap into a very large and receptive buying audience.

Here's How to Get Started Fast!

IMPORTANT! You should test your affiliate link to make sure that it works properly. Use the entire link to get proper credit for each sale.

Most affiliate programs fail to provide partners with suitable material, but WE DO! We want to make sure you have the best material available so you can do your job effectively.

Payments will be made to affiliates directly into your PayPal account twice a month.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, there is a great free video series where you can learn everything you need to at Emergency Affiliate Plans.

Use Your Tools!

You have at your fingertips the very best collection of resources to allow you to build an amazing income selling Eat Right To Feel Great. Use everything you see below to make as many sales as you possibly can.

Make absolutely sure you follow all of the steps listed to ensure the maximum amount of sales, profits and fat commissions.

Each marketing tool takes just 10-15 minutes to review and implement and doing so can earn you $100's immediately with great ease and satisfaction.

Just be sure to follow each step carefully to ensure you earn vast profits right away!

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Eat Right, Feel Great...What Could Be Better?

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Send These Emails Out To Your List

Emails are the most effective way of reaching the masses. Send these emails out to anyone who you think might be interested in Eat Right To Feel Great.

Emailer 1

Suggested Subject
Are You Energetic, Healthy AND Happy?

E-mail Message:

Are you tired or just plain lazy?

Did you know that if you arenít feeling energetic, vigorous and healthy allover that there is simple cure that you probably already have in your kitchen?

If itís not in your kitchen already, it should be.

The cure is simple; itís just a matter of maintaining a healthy diet.

A well-balanced diet can make a huge difference in the way you look, feel and in your ability to respond well to the world around you.

Most people take food for granted. They consider food a pleasure when in reality, food is your only source of energy. Imagine filling your car with candy instead of gas, it might make it happy for a couple of minutes, but do you really think itíll be as reliable without the fuel it needs?

Your body reacts to food the same way. If you feed it junk, it wonít provide you with dependable service.

The only way you can take care of your body and make sure that you have the energy you need to participate in your crazy life, is to start eating right.

There are a lot of crash diets and eating fads, but none are designed to teach you the healthy way to eat throughout the rest of your life.

Eat Right To Feel Great is a new eBook that aims to do just that. Youíll learn the benefits and drawbacks from every different food group and understand how you can use them to piece together an eating plan thatíll not just make you feel better, but will make it an enjoyable experience as well.

Eat Right To Feel Great was created by a qualified nutritionist who has decades of experience in helping people become more energetic, healthier and happier just through small changes in their eating habits.

If you want to be more energetic, healthier and happier too, this is the book for you. Click on the link below to learn more.


Good luck,


Emailer 2

Suggested Subject
Is Your Diet Working?

E-mail Message:
Dear {!firstname_fix},

How healthy is your diet?

You might have read all the hottest diet books on the bestsellers list and they might be great for losing small amounts of weight in a relatively quick timeframe, but are you confident in the ability of crash diets to improve your health in the long term?

And do you really think that crash diets will sustain your energy level while you continue to lead an active lifestyle?

If not, then its time to put those books down and pick one up thatíll enable you to create a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life.

Eat Right To Feel Great is the only book that will provide you with all the information you need to have to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Eat Right To Feel Great will teach you important a balanced diet is to your long-term health and how eating the right foods can help you feel great.

If you donít feel like your current diet is providing you with everything you need to feel 100%, then this is one book you canít afford to pass up on.

Eat Right To Feel Great breaks down typical eating habits and explains where problems occur and how you can create the perfect diet that will work for you.

Thereís no better time to buy this book then right now. Click on the link below and start learning how you can be happy, healthy and full of energy.


Good luck,


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What are Signature Ads?

Have you ever received an email from someone and below their name there was a line or two that also served as some type of advertisement? Well, those are Signature Ads, also known as "Signature Files."

They are AUTOMATICALLY INSERTED into every outgoing email that those people send.

Signature files are also very popular to use when posting to a forum. Most forums don't allow advertisements in the body of a post, so using a signature ad is a way around that rule.

You should insert one of these signatures to the bottom of all of your outgoing emails. Just go to your email preferences, copy and paste one of these signatures to your emails and watch your sales skyrocket!

2 Line Signature

2 Line Signature

3 Line Signature

3 Line Signature

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Banner ads are one of the BEST ways to promote any site since they are colorful, flashy and fun to look at. Simply place them somewhere visitors will see and click on them.

The most common size for a banner seems to be 468 x 60 pixels, but that doesn't mean other sizes can't be effective as well.

You can either:

1.   Add one or more of these banners to your website
2.   Submit these banners in banner exchange programs
3.   Use them as advertisements
4.   Or use a combination of two or more of the above

Banner Ad 1 (468 x 60 static banner)

Insert this banner ad now!
Copy the code below and paste it into the web page where you would like the banner ad to appear.

Banner Ad 2 (468 x 60 static banner)

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Banner Ad 3 (100 x 100 static banner)

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Banner Ad 4 (120 x 484 static banner)

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Known as 'Bum Marketing', article submission is one of the most effective ways to maintain regular levels of traffic.

Post these articles either on your own website or to an article directory. Make sure to leave the article up for as long as possible to allow it to be harvested by Google and the other search engines.

We've provided you with both an HTML version which is useful to insert directly onto your website as well as a cut-n-paste plain text version for posting in other locations.

If you have never posted an article before, here are some research sites to get you started. These are known as 'Article Directories' where you can just cut-n-paste your plain text version freely:

Here Are Some Article Directories
To Get You Started

GoArticles.com | ArticleDashboard.com
ContentDesk | SubmitYourArticle.com

Article Title

Are You Always Tired?

Article Content
Can more really mean less?

Sometimes, but when it comes to food, can eating more ever really mean losing weight?

According to a new study, it actually can.

People who eat more calories in the morning end up burning almost double the amount of calories throughout the day. So breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

The study proves that a healthy, balanced breakfast leads to a more active and energetic lifestyle and it helps with losing weight as well.

The new eBook Eat Right To Feel Great agrees. According to this new book (http://www.yourdomainname.com/) the concept is very simple and should be fairly obvious. When you eat a proper breakfast, you have more energy throughout your day and that increase in energy allows you to burn more calories.

But thatís not all. Eat Right To Feel Great takes this energy strategy one step further. They say that it shouldnít just be breakfast that should be healthy and balanced, but every meal. Once you are already in the mind frame to raise your energy level by eating right, why not apply it to every meal.

Proper eating habits are vital to living a healthy life, but most people choose to ignore this information. Most people know that eating better can greatly improve their lives, but decide that itís not worth the effort.

Eat Right To Feel Great couldnít disagree more. Eating properly can be fun, enjoyable and can actually be very similar to the improper diet plan that you are currently on. Eat Right To Feel Great assumes that with some very small, minor changes you could feel tons better.

To learn more about healthy eating options, click on the link below to read Eat Right To Feel Great.


Plain Text Version:

Article Title
Article Content

HTML Version

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In its basic form, a Blog is an online journal, but over the course of the past few years, the popularity of blogs has exploded and blogs are now used as marketing and promotional tools as well.

Blogs allow just about anyone to publish articles and information that is accessible across the Internet.

Due to their particular systems, Blogs can enhance the likelihood of search engine algorithms picking them up and making them easily indexed and searched.

Although this may sound complicated, a deeper understanding of how they work is NOT required to enjoy their benefits.

Blogs are personable and individualized. They are meant to be written as thoughts and reflections and not as newspaper articles or school essays. Most blogs are even written in story form.

I've provided a Blog Post that you can post everywhere you possibly can. Unlike everything I've posted for you so far, I encourage you to personalize this blog post. It'll make it much more effective.

Article Title

The Truth About The Truth

Article Content
Statistics are the most effective way to scare a consumer into making a purchase.

Tell a potential customer that a certain product will lower his chance of a heart attack by 35% and heíll whip out his credit card. Tell him that one in 5 men who buy a certain pill will find a better job within a year and heíll seriously consider buying the obviously fraudulent product. Show someone a magic bean and tell him that every the last ten people who purchased it are living happy and healthy lives and heíll scoop it up in a heartbeat.

Statistics are a markers favorite tool and any good salesperson will tell you that itís the best way to seal any deal.

The Internet is abound with stats that have little basis in reality and only cause to confuse instead of educate. Statistics can be misleading and any good consumer should know how to differentiate the truth from the deception.

There are sites though, that do have the best of intentions and these websites which are trying to help rather than hurt should be commended for their honesty.

One stat that struck out at me recently observed that twenty years ago, Americans consumed 50 pounds of sugar per person. Today, Americans consume 150 pounds per person.

This stat initially sounded strange to me so I started doing some research to see if this could possibly be true. Does the average American really consume three times the amount of sugar day versus twenty years ago?

What I found during my research scared me and made me realize why stats are such a powerful and important sales tool.

In my pursuit of the truth, I started reading all about the diet industry and the different methods that people create their eating habits. The more I read, the more I realized how problematic my own eating habits were.

I never realized how badly my eating habits were and how a lot of the problems I was having could be attributed to not having enough nutrition in my diet.

Thankful for making this revelation, I started researching what I could do to improve my situation. I wasnít looking to necessarily lose weight (but it would be a nice bonus too), I just wanted to be healthy and have tons of energy.

In my pursuit of the truth, I stumbled upon an eBook called Eat Right To Feel Great. It contained everything I was looking for to create my own healthy eating habits made up of the foods that I love eating.

Itís not a dieting book, but a book thatíll teach you how to eating properly so that you feel healthy and can continue feeling healthy for the rest of your life.

To learn more about Eat Right To Feel Great, click on the link below.


This eBook helped me change my life, if you want to learn the truth too, take a look. Itís not a magical bean, but it can be beneficial too.

Plain Text Version:

Article Title
Article Content

HTML Version

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A "sponsored ad" is an ad that appears at the very top of an ezine. Although there are lower spots available, sponsored ads are the most effective since they are seen the most.

A sponsored ad is always seen and it is the first communication someone sees and reads immediately upon opening an ezine.

Sponsored ads by definition must be small (usually not to exceed just a few short punchy lines of text).

A great place to run a 4-line sponsored ad is at MBP Advertising.

For a listing of sponsored ad advertising locations click here.

Here is an effective Sponsored Ad.

Sponsored Ad Text

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