This is a minimalist, single column, fixed-width theme for WordPress, Based on Tiny, modifications by Remex. You should unpack this in your wp-content/themes folder and select it in the admin panel.

Changing the header image

You get the Photoshop format header image file with this theme, found it which named tinyheader.psd in extensional folder. Just open it and replace the text in top-right corner with your own blog name or make a better image by yourself instead of this rubbish, sized 400x160px and name it tinyheader.jpg and place it in the theme folder.

Choose your favor menu style

This theme provides two menu styles for selection, click here for a preview.
Default is the sitemap style, if you wound like to shown menu itemes as normal, follow these:

Open header.php with a text editor, replace the content of line 25

<p id="sitemap"><a href="?sitemap">Sitemap</a></p>
with the following content
<!-- <p id="sitemap"><a href="?sitemap">Sitemap</a></p> -->
and replace the content of line 26
<!-- <ul class="pagelinks"><?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=1'); ?></ul> -->
with the following content
<ul class="pagelinks"><?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=1'); ?></ul>


Integrated Plugins

Last Modified plugin by Nick Momrik
MsgCount plugin by Anders Holte Nielsen
ComCount plugin by Anders Holte Nielsen
Plugins integrated by Original Author (Necessary codes already inserted to necessary files, just simply download and active if you want to use.)
Widget Enhanced Theme Switcher plugin by Ben de Groot (Content of line 25 to line 32 in sitemap.php)
ComPreVal plugin by Ben de Groot (Content of line 43 to line 49 in comments.php)

Page Template

template_archives.php For making Archives Page
template_links.php For making Links Page

Advanced custom

additional.css For adding your custom styles
additional.php For integrating other plugins

Contact (Major mail address) (MSN, but rarely use, hoho)


Ben de Groot (Original Author)
Sparanoid (Code help, debug)
MoontoC (Debug)