Thank you for downloading LetoPrime. For more information about my themes, you can view my wordpress theme tag page on my site.

This document is designed to help you get this theme 'up-and-running' in as little time as possible, and should answer any questions you have about it. If you have any questions that this file doesn't answer, please ask on my message board.

This is Version 0.9.6 of the LetoPrime theme. It's still in beta until I get some feedback that it's working properly. But don't let the beta status worry you. I've tested it and it does work, but there may be a bug or two that needs to get squashed, code that needs cleaning up, etc. LetoPrime features selectable headers and Ultimate Tag Warrior support. And I need to thank Ozh for the Theme Toolkit and Joen Asmussen for the Fauna theme, since without both of them, I'd never have been able to get the selectable headers to work! :)

Installing LetoPrime

  1. Upload the letoprime folder to your wp-content/themes folder.
  2. In your Wordpress administration page, go to Presentation and click on LetoPrime
After activation, you'll see a new tab titled LetoPrime.
Click that and you'll have the option to change the header.

Changing the Header

On the LetoPrime configuration page, you'll see this something like this:

Simply select which image you wish to use, click on Store Options, and visit your site to see the new header.

Custom Header

Included in the 'header' folder is a file called "headerblank.png." This is the template that I use to make headers. It has the white background with an open middle section to insert your own image. So if you have a graphic program that can handle this, you're welcome to create your own header to make it more your own.

Which programs work? I personally used Fireworks, but Photoshop would work, and perhaps GIMP. Any program that will allow you to put your image behind the template would be suitable. (Sorry, but you'll need more than Microsoft Paint to do this.

So when you create your own header, save it as a jpg. (I usually set my quality to 70% to 80% to get the file size down to less than 30kb) Upload it to your server, and enter the full url in the Custom Header URL (http:// and all!) Of course, you'll need to adjust the Site Name and Description...

Adjusting the Site Name/Description

Whether you are using a custom header or one of the included headers, you may want to change how the site name and description is formatted.

For Custom Headers, the code for the site name is at the top of the style.css file.

For Included Headers, you'll need to adjust the declarations in header.php. In header.php you will find code like this:

Each header has its own section that you can adjust. But please DO NOT TOUCH the php code. That'll be bad. (It's there for a reason!)

And that should answer most of the questions regarding the header.

The Footer

New in LetoPrime 0.9.6 is the customized footer. Included in the download are three footers. The first is the "rainy pavement" footer that was included in earlier releases. This is the default footer for LetoPrime. Next is a grey footer that's the same color as the sidebar. The third footer is a blank .gif image that, like the blank header, you can add your own image to. (You can have matching headers and footers if you wish!)

To change the footer, open style.css and near the top find

#footer {
background: #fff url(images/footer.jpg) no-repeat;

Change footer.jpg to footergrey.jpg for the grey footer, or if you created your own footer, put your footer's name there.

Ultimate Tag Warrior Support

LetoPrime includes support for the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin. The function calls are wrapped in if function_exists() calls, so if you don't use UTW, you wont notice anything. Otherwords, you may not even have known it was in there.

For those who do use UTW, tags will show up as lists on all the pages that you would expect them to. On the single.php, there is a related posts section above the comments, and a tag.php file is included. (Feel free, of course, to adjust the taggage to your hearts content!)

of Widgets, TopNav and Validation

LetoPrime is already coded for Widgets.

To change the navigation links under the header image, you'll need to modify the list in header.php near the bottom.

This theme does't validate as strict xhtml 100% of the time. But it Mostly Does. So if you demand all your themes to validate, this isn't the theme for you. Now, the theme works, it's just not up the validation standards.

On search, archives, category pages

On search.php, category.php, archive.php and tag.php (for Ultimate Tag Warrior users) I have the posts listed as their excerpts instead of the full content. (This for me is a personal preference.) If you want the full posts displayed on those pages, edit each one and change the_excerpt(); to the_content();


LetoPrime was created by David Hodgkins of Misguided Thoughts. All the photos in the headers were taken by him.

Theme is released under the GPL. Code shamelessly stollen (well, borrowed) from Joen Asmussen's Fauna Theme.

Need More Help?

If this page doesn't answer all your questions, feel free to ask me on my Message Board or contact me via my website.