30-Day Content Marketing Plan
Why Content Marketing
Establish strong brand identity
Build trust among audience
Great for SEO
Generate high-quality leads
Content Marketing Funnel    
Top of funnel
Middle of funnel
Bottom of funnel
Content Marketing Goals   
Get leads
Increase visitor traffic
Affiliate income
Brand awareness
Know Your Audience
Essential to success
Ways to know audience
Create audience persona
Content Ideas Brainstorming
Answer 5 W’s and H
Popular and trending
Competitor analysis
Mind mapping
Keyword Research
Choose long-tail keywords
Understand buyer intent
Check search volume
Keyword competitiveness
Content Titles And Outlines
Group similar keywords
Use keyword grouping tool
Create outline per keyword group
Content Calendar
Consistency is important
Prevents procrastination
Use spreadsheet
Use Google calendar
Create Website (if none yet)
Use website builder 
Use self-hosted WordPress
Set up Google Analytics
All About Content
Content productivity tips
Content editing tips
Content re-purposing 
Publishing content
Social Media Marketing
Amplify content marketing
Increase trustworthiness
Use as customer service platform
Good for SEO
Great for social signals
Outreach and Link-Building Techniques
Must be in same niche
Can be very rewarding
Some techniques
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