The Meaningful Life
Why Find Meaning 
Helps you to achieve flow and focus by being 100% engaged with what you’re doing.
Makes life more memorable.
Gives you something to stand for.
Having a goal helps you make decisions and set a course for the rest of your life.
Makes you actually more attractive 
If you speak with more confidence and enthusiasm, you will gesticulate more.
How to Find Your Life’s Purpose
Look at the things you love doing.
Ask what you are good at. Consider what you can do for the world.
Ask what you believe in, what you stand for. What is wrong with the world that you want to change?
Look at your role models and heroes. What do they have in common?
Don’t do things because you think it is expected of you.
Don’t be afraid to change your goals or your passions as you get older.
How to Make Every Day More Meaningful
‘Notice the best bit’ – everything is meaningful to someone.
Remember why. Why did you want or need to do this in the first place?
Take time to savor every moment.
Share moments with other people
Help others
Be mindful
Cultivate awe
Do novel things
Create challenges
Designing Your Life
When making any decision, ask: does this help me to follow my life’s purpose?
Remember, your life’s purpose and passion doesn’t have to be your career.
But build a life around that passion.
Create a career that will allow you to spend time doing the things you love.
Involve other people. Find others who are as passionate as you and your power will grow.
The support of friends will make a huge difference.
You can’t make truly huge changes in your life without your other half being on board.
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