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Navigating The Paleo Diet

Practice forgiveness

Aside from the fact that this is just an awesome overall rule for
life, it reminds us that we aren’t perfect. Every now and then we
may want a treat (read: something that doesn’t fall on the “eat”
list for Paleo).

Some people allow themselves treats every now and then- some
do so on a scheduled basis, others as life tosses things their way.
Regardless, don’t beat yourself up for “slipping up.” We’re human
after all!

Do your homework

If you’re a restaurant junkie and are weeping at merely the
thought of giving up your Friday-night-fun, hang on a minute.
Revisit the menus of places you frequent and see how you can
make the food selections fit the Paleo “requirements.” Or, if
there’s a dish you just can’t live without, plan to have your cheat
at the restaurant that serves it.


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