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Navigating The Paleo Diet

In reality, oils that have been refined or hydrogenated are
extremely bad for the human body and cause many health
related problems.

The paleo diet uses oils in their natural state. The oils are not
bleached or subjected to chemical processes that make them
harmful. The fats used in the paleo diet are not only safe but are
extremely beneficial to the body.

Since the diet is heavy in meat, you will get a good portion of
animal fats in your diet. Paleo dieters are encouraged to get
grass-fed meats because even the food the commercial
companies feed their livestock is detrimental. Eating grass-fed
meats will ensure that no ill-effects are passed down to you.

Animal fats are perfectly fine. Our ancestors ate lots of meat and
our bodies have evolved over time to eat meat and handle animal
fat. Rest assured that your cholesterol level is not going to
skyrocket. Studies have proven that dietary cholesterol does not
cause high cholesterol in humans.


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