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Navigating The Paleo Diet
lead to the weight gain, health issues, energy problems and

Are All Fats Beneficial in the Paleo Diet?

The first point to note is that not all fats are created equal. The
second point worth remembering is that you do not get fat by
eating fat. In fact, you must consume the right fats for good
health. Fats make you feel happy and provide a host of benefits
such as reducing cancer risk, boosting you immune system and
even helping you lose weight.

Yup! You need to eat fat to lose fat… but you must eat the right

The problem these days is that most people are consuming
unhealthy fats that come from hydrogenated oils. Many people
are unaware of how unhealthy the vegetable oils they consume
are. The oils are marketed as being healthy and made out of
natural foods such as soy, corn, etc.


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